The Duchess of Sussex met Queen Elizabeth II in October 2016

Prince Harry reveals regret over Meghan Markle’s first meeting with the Queen

As his frank account of the royal family was finally published, the Duke of Sussex’s searingly honest memoir, Spare, recently became the fastest-selling non-fiction book ever.

His autobiography, which was released on Tuesday, gave royal watchers a very personal look into all of his personal activities, including meeting his future wife Meghan Markle.


After marrying Harry, Meghan enjoyed a solo outing with the Queen back in June 2018
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Despite the fact that Prince Harry described Meghan’s first encounter with the late monarch as “pleasant,” he expressed frustration with some of the circumstances.

He referred to a friend of Sarah Ferguson by saying, “There was some bloke standing to the other side of Granny and I thought: Bogey at twelve o’clock.” “Meg looked to me for a hint as to who he was, but I was helpless because I had never seen him.

“[Princess Eugenie] told me in a whisper that he was her mother’s friend. Ah, OK. Brilliant, I said as I gave him a hard look. Congratulations on being present for one of my life’s most important moments.”


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A year before the couple got engaged, the special moment was staged at Royal Lodge, the Duke of York’s Berkshire residence, back in October 2016.

Regarding Meghan’s informal attire, he continued: “Granny was wearing a colorful dress and hat appropriate for church. I wish I could remember the color, but it was a vibrant shade. Fancy. Meg was clearly regretting her black sweater and jeans.

“I also felt bad for my worn-out pants. I wanted to tell Granny we didn’t plan, but she was busy asking about Meg’s visit.”


Harry had his wife to support him following the death of the Queen
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The Duke also mentioned how the Queen once questioned his ex-girlfriend about her thoughts on Donald Trump, but “Meg thought politics was a no-win game, so she changed the subject to Canada,” according to the Duke.

He continued by describing how the former Suits star mistakenly believed the Duke of York was the monarch’s personal assistant when he joined them and was holding the Queen’s handbag.

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