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Prince Harry claims he wrote Spare to protect Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis

Tuesday saw the release of Prince Harry’s memoir Spare, and in a recent interview with Bryony Gordon, the Duke stated that he published the book in order to safeguard his brother’s children.

In the Substack interview, Harry discussed his concerns for his niece and nephews and clarified that his goal with Spare was not to criticize the royal family. “I know that at least one of those three kids will end up like me, the spare,” he continued. It hurts, and it worries me.


William has told Harry his children aren’t the Duke’s “responsibility”
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The relationship between Harry and his own brother, Prince William, has frequently been described as one of an heir and a spare because William will succeed to the throne after their father, King Charles, dies.

In the meantime, Harry fills in for their father and would have taken over had William died without leaving behind any offspring.

Prince George, William’s oldest son, is currently third in line to the throne and serves as a “heir,” while Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis serve as “spares.”

Harry revealed that William did not share his concerns for their welfare despite trying to make it clear to the Duke that the children were not Harry’s “responsibility” William disagreed with Harry on the issue.


The book carries explosive details about the brother’s relationship
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Despite some of his assertions regarding his relationships with his brother and father, Harry acknowledged that he had kept some details of his life private because he believed that if he did, they would “never forgive” him.

He did, however, reveal some shocking information, including an alleged altercation with Prince William and the possibility that his father’s distant parenting style was influenced by Prince Philip.

Some of the claims in the book are already said to have “devastated” William, according to Roya Nikkhah, the royal editor of the Sunday Times, who discussed the situation on Good Morning Britain.

She said, “[William] is devastated. “He’s burning inside, was the quotation I used yesterday. He is feeling that way. He has decided not to confront his brother and not to take revenge because that is not who he is.


Prince George and his uncle Prince Harry
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“He’s devastated that so much personal information has come out, especially given what I understand about what he knows about his brother, his experiences with him, and how he cared for him,” she continued.

But I believe that he strongly believes that it’s wrong to publicly state, “No, this didn’t happen; that happened in a different way. That isn’t how he operates.

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