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The one question Prince Harry refused to answer about Prince William

On Sunday evening, Prince Harry gave his eagerly anticipated interview to Tom Bradby for ITV, and for the most part, the Duke of Sussex didn’t hold back.

However, there was one aspect of his life that he wouldn’t discuss in detail, and it concerned his private conversations with his brother, Prince William.


Harry during his heartfelt interview with Tom Bradby
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When the interviewer posed the question, “What would you tell William if he’s watching this?” In his initial response, Harry asked, “What would I say to him if I were watching this?”

What do you think he’s thinking, Tom insisted? I’m not going to share – I’m not going to share what I say, Harry retorted.

Tom responded by saying: “Okay, no, no, it’s not personal, so I’ll ask you something else. Do you believe William will be considering this if he watches it or reads your book?”

Prince William and King Charles, Harry retorted, “I don’t think they read the book,” adding: “Really hoping they will However, I doubt they will “.


Prince Harry wants to keep royal conversations about his interview private
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And in regards to this interview, I said, “I’m not sure if they’ll be watching this or not, but whatever they have to say to me and whatever I have to say to them will be in private, and I hope it can stay that way.”

Prior to the release of the Prince’s shocking new memoir Spare, the interview was conducted before Harry’s Sunday night interview with American TV host Anderson Cooper.

The book had been the focus of wild rumors in the weeks leading up to its publication, not least last week when a Spanish translation was discovered to have been leaked.

The heartbreaking secret code that the Prince shared with his brother is one of the revelations in the book.


The two royal couples seen together just days after the second summit
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The royal claims that the brother-duo only uses the phrase “I swear on mummy’s memory” in dire situations.

Though William and Harry’s conflict is regrettable, there is reason for optimism because royal brothers have experienced disputes far worse than William and Harry’s. Here are six instances of fraternal fallout that got really nasty.

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