The Duke of Sussex was spotted in New York after the recording

Prince Harry shoots tequila and shows necklace William ‘broke’ on Late Show

The Duke of Sussex claimed during an appearance on CBS’ The Late Show with Stephen Colbert that if his mother Princess Diana were still alive, the distance between him and brother Prince William would not be as great.

Harry said, “We wouldn’t have reached this point. It is impossible to predict where we would be, but my brother and I could not possibly be closer than we are now.

Continue reading for more highlights from the interview, which was recorded on Monday night and aired on CBS the following night. additionally, view the reactions of the viewers.


Viewer reactions


Fans of the show appeared to love the royal’s interview because many of them praised her on Twitter. “I just [red heart] this guy,” someone wrote. So genuine,” said one person, adding, “This was great. Harry is endearing and comes across as a really nice guy.

He’s hilarious, said a third viewer. Prince Harry should appear on more late-night talk shows, please! Stephen did an outstanding job! Another concurred, writing on Twitter, “Love him, love him, LOVE HIM! He’s so clever!


Prince Harry performed a skit with Tom Hanks

Harry performs skit with Tom Hanks


Harry and Tom Hanks engaged in a skit at the beginning of the episode after a red carpet was laid out for the famous Hollywood actor. Harry was informed that the carpet was not for him, but for Tom, as host Stephen Colbert stood in front of a fanfare for the duke and yelled to the band, “He’s coming!” before Harry appeared on camera. Watch the hilarious moment by scrolling down!

The audience began to chant his name as Stephen introduced him to the audience, and the prince joked, “Is this the chair and the spare?” The father of two then revealed several nicknames that friends have given him, including “Baz and Bazarooni,” in response to Stephen’s question about what to call him.


Harry shoots tequila with Stephen Colbert


To commemorate the publication of Harry’s new memoir, Spare, Stephen opened the tequila, and at the conclusion of the interview, the two shared a drink.


Harry opens up about his relationship with the Queen


When Stephen questioned Harry about his late grandmother, the Queen, he said that he would most remember “her sharp wit, her sense of humor, and her ability to respond to anybody with a completely straight face-but-totally-joking.”

Harry said, “She was incredibly funny, and I’m genuinely happy for her because she finished life. She was buried alongside her husband and had an amazing life and career. There was less suffering for both of my grandparents, especially in light of the recent three years of widespread suffering. I’m so, so appreciative of that.


Harry said ‘context was everything’


Harry shows off the necklace William broke


Harry revealed that the necklace that William allegedly broke during their altercation in Nottingham Cottage had three pendants total—two of which bore engravings of his children’s heartbeats, one of which was a gift from a friend in Botswana—and was shown to Stephen during the interview.


Harry reveals he watches Netflix’s The Crown


Hours after his memoir, Spare, finally went on sale and broke records, Harry, 38, also revealed he watches the Netflix drama The Crown, which will be broadcast in the US on Tuesday night (4.35 am on Wednesday in the UK). When you watch it, do you fact-check it? Harry replied, “Yes I do,” following a brief pause and Stephen’s question.


Harry denies boasting about the number of people he killed in Afghanistan


The British media came up frequently during the conversation, and Harry admitted to Stephen that it had been “hurtful and challenging” to observe the responses after the publication of the book. Harry claimed that the media had “intentionally chose to strip away context.”

The protests were sparked by Spare’s publication of Harry’s article in which he claimed to have killed 25 people while serving in combat with the British army. “Without a doubt, the most dangerous lie that they have told is that I somehow boasted about the number of people that I killed in Afghanistan,” Harry said.

Prior to adding: “I should say, if I heard any one boasting about that kind of thing, I would be angry. I should say, the context in which the reference appeared in the book is important. However, it’s a lie. Now that the book is available, hopefully more people will realize the context of what happened and how disturbing it is that they can get away with it. because they knew the circumstances. Instead of saying, “Here’s just one line,” they tore out the entire section and simply stated, “Here it is, he’s boasting on this.”

“It’s dangerous when, as you said, you’ve read it and hopefully everyone else will get the chance to read it. My words themselves are not harmful, but the way they are spun is harmful.

As Harry noted, “almost ten years to the day, my face was plastered across the front pages, and someone asked me while I was still in Afghanistan if I had killed anyone, and I said, “yes,” so the figure was not news.”


Harry spoke about the ‘frostnip’ he battled


Harry says he’s ‘still part’ of the military community


Additionally, the duke lauded his time in the Army, saying it helped him discover “a purpose greater than myself.”

“I discovered a haven, and as I discuss in the book, I discovered my calling. For me, that was an amazing place to be and an amazing community. I was surrounded by comrades wearing the same uniform, I wasn’t treated differently for the first time in my life, I could hide from the media, and I had a purpose bigger than myself. They will do everything in their power to disrupt that because I am still a member of that community.


Harry addresses his ‘frostnip’ following trip to North Pole


The interview also covered more lighthearted subjects, like Harry’s experience with “frostnip” on his genitalia following a trip to the North Pole.

Harry said, “It’s fine now, thank you,” before explaining that he had not trained prior to his visit and had forgotten his “[expletive] cushion.”

Following his pre-recorded TV appearance, Harry was seen leaving the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York on Monday. He waved to fans as he did so.

Meghan, Harry’s wife, is thought to have stayed in Montecito with their two kids, Archie and Lilibet.


Harry waves after leaving the studio in New York


The book is very enjoyable, quite emotional, and quite revealing, Stephen claimed in a video ad for his program. I’m going to talk to his Harryness about so many things.

He cited Harry’s assertion that William instructed his younger brother to act as though he did not know him when he joined him at Eton as an example. “For instance, the stuff he talked about with Anderson Cooper, including this high school memory between him and his brother that’s straight out of the older brother/sibling playbook,” he said.

Stephen said, “I mean, to be rejected by his older brother at school even though that magic hat sorted them into the same house, that’s heartbreaking,” before making a joke.

He questioned his audience, “What do you think?” “Hufflepuff? Hufflepuff? I’m not sure if it’s Gryffindor.

The Duke has spoken with Anderson Cooper from CBS and ITV’s Tom Bradby in the days leading up to publication day.

The Duke asserted during his ITV appearance that he has never accused the royal family of racism and does not believe they are racist. On Good Morning America on Monday, Harry said that he and his older brother, Prince William, have always competed against one another.

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