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Princess Kate’s cheeky wedding gift from Prince Harry was so unroyal

The Duke of Sussex presented his new sister-in-law with a very cheeky gift in addition to giving a moving speech at his brother Prince William’s wedding.

On April 29, 2011, William and Catherine exchanged vows at Westminster Abbey before welcoming their guests to a reception at Buckingham Palace. Harry admitted that his speech was largely improvised and included humorous anecdotes from his childhood with William as well as excerpts from letters of support from the public. This was one of the revelations in his book Spare, which also detailed a physical altercation with his older brother in 2019.


Harry gave his new sister-in-law the unusual gift during his wedding speech


In one of those letters, a man from the United States described his attempt to catch 1,000 stoats so that he could make the Princess of Wales a special outfit.

He had only managed to capture two after a challenging year, severely restricting his ability to create a substantial royal garment. To the surprise and amusement of the royal wedding guests, Harry pulled a leathery ermine thong from his pocket for Catherine. However, there was only enough fur to make this.


The Duke of Sussex describes his relationship with his sister-in-law, the Princess of Wales
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Harry claimed that after displaying the unexpected gift, his speech became more emotional as he thought of his mother, Princess Diana. He said, “The late Princess would have appreciated the cheeky thong joke.” He also said that she would have loved to celebrate with her eldest son on his special day and see William and Catherine’s love for one another.

A few heartfelt remarks about his friendship with the Princess of Wales were also included in Spare. Harry opened up about how much he adored Catherine and how he thought of her as the sister he’d always wanted but never had.

She would always be by William’s side, he continued, and she was a good match for his older brother.


Harry and Catherine have often been spotted sharing a joke


The Duke also stated in another passage that he enjoyed making Catherine laugh as well as enjoying watching her laugh. Throughout their joint engagements over the years, Harry and Catherine have frequently been seen cracking a joke or two.

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