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Prince William helps brother Harry learn to walk in unearthed childhood photos

Prince William and Prince Harry, sons of King Charles, were adorable as young boys and we have discovered some of the cutest images of the siblings together.


William helped Harry learn to walk
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In a recently discovered photograph from October 1985, we see older brother William, who was three at the time, assisting one-year-old Harry in learning to walk. When Harry took his first steps at home in Kensington Palace, William was there to hold his hand.


Harry and William on their rocking horses
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In the adorable photo, the brothers are dressed alike: William is wearing blue shorts and a checked shirt, while Harry is wearing blue dungarees and the same pattern shirt as his older sibling. Harry is barefoot on the carpet as William holds one of his hands.

The brothers play side by side on their rocking horses in the second photo, also taken that day. It’s such a sweet and enjoyable way for them to connect with one another despite their different ages.


Mum Diana with her young sons
Photo: Getty Images


Some adorable photos were taken at Kensington Palace in the first few days of October 1985, and their mother, the late Princess Diana, was also visible in them. One image shows the royal mother kneeling behind her sons as they sat on a piano stool together and played the keys together while grinning.

William carried baby Harry while dad Charles played around with the boys.


Dad Charles being playful with his sons
Photo: Getty Images

We’ve seen a lot of pictures and videos over the years of the brothers hanging out and enjoying each other’s company. We sincerely hope the current conflict between William and Harry is soon resolved.

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