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Prince Harry reveals why he couldn’t show emotion following Princess Diana’s death

Following the passing of his mother, Princess Diana, in 1997, Prince Harry has spoken candidly about suppressing his feelings.

In a scene from Harry: The Interview, which will air on Sunday at 9 p.m. on ITV1 and ITVX, Harry told host Tom Bradby that he had shed just one tear after Diana’s tragic death, at her burial, and that he felt bad for talking to mourners outside Kensington Palace.


Harry only cried at Diana’s burial
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Harry said to Tom, “Everyone knows where they were and what they were doing the night my mother died.

In addition, he said, “I shed a single tear at the burial and you know I go into detail about how strange it was and how actually there was some guilt that I felt, and I think William felt as well, by walking around the outside of Kensington Palace.”

As they greeted the mourners, Harry admitted that he and his brother were unable to display any emotion. Harry said, “There were 50,000 bouquets of flowers to our mother and there we were shaking people’s hands, smiling.


Harry sat down with ITV’s Tom Bradby
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“Yes, I watched the videos and went over everything. We were shaken by their wet hands, which we couldn’t understand until we realized that they were wiping away all of their tears.

Everyone felt as though they knew our mother, he continued, “and the two closest to her, the two people she loved the most, were unable to show any emotion at that precise moment.”

An in-depth, “raw and intimate” look at Harry’s life as a member of the royal family from his own perspective, Harry: The Interview has been dubbed.

To hear everything that Harry has to say, viewers must watch the interview on Sunday night. To give viewers a preview of the topics Harry will be covering, ITV teased the episode before it aired.


William and Harry pictured at Prince Philip’s funeral
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The Duke of Sussex briefly stated that while he would like to make amends with both his father, King Charles, and brother, Prince William, it has not yet occurred.

He says, “It never had to be this way. The planting and the leaking… I prefer a family to a structure. They believe that maintaining us as the bad guys is somehow preferable. They have made absolutely no effort to make amends. My dad needs to come home, please. I want my brother to come back.

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