Prince Harry reveals secret code word with Prince William

Since its unexpected release on Thursday morning in Spain, Prince Harry’s new book Spare has garnered media attention. Now, information about the Duke and Prince William’s private code words for one another has emerged.

According to the royal, who described in the book the emotional moment they were uttered by Prince William as he swore he only wanted his brother to be happy, the brother-duo only use the words “I swear on mummy’s memory” in dire situations.


The royal siblings were so close as children
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After Prince Philip and King Charles discussed Harry and Meghan’s future in the royal family, the discussion took place in 2019.
Sadly, Harry continued, he didn’t believe William at that precise moment, which caused him to consider how far apart he felt from him. Harry made it clear to the reader that they held those words in the highest regard and that they were their “universal key” to use in times of “extreme crisis” when all other options had failed.

The new information surfaced as the Prince alleged that William was “drunk” as they greeted members of the public on the Mall just hours before his wedding to Kate Middleton.


Harry and William on their rocking horses
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Other royal secrets revealed in the book include what the Duchess of Cambridge thought when Harry told her and Prince William that he was seeing Meghan Markle, the last time Harry spoke to the Queen before she passed away, and Harry’s belief that Diana had been hiding for years. The most important stories to come out of the publication, in full.

Emily Nash, a royal correspondent, commented on the book and said, “Harry clearly feels that he has to get his version of events out there. He wants to speak the truth, and he frequently presents himself as a kind of insider whistleblower for the Royal Institution.


Princess Diana passed away in 1997


“Before making a decision about this situation, we really need to hear the other side of the story. Harry, however, seems to be in pain no matter how you look at it. Everyone loses out in this situation, and his family is obviously very sad about it.

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