The Duke of Sussex revealed the thoughtful gift his mother had bought for him for his 13th birthdayPhoto: Getty Images

Prince Harry given birthday present from Princess Diana weeks after her death

Princess Diana passed away in August 1997, two weeks before Prince Harry turned 13; however, the royal revealed that his mother had already planned his birthday present.

The Duke of Sussex mentioned celebrating his 13th birthday at his school, Ludgrove, in his autobiography, Spare. Harry’s aunt, Diana’s sister Sarah McCorquodale, gave him the gift his mother had chosen for him before she passed away in Harry’s absence.


Princess Diana arranged Prince Harry’s 13th birthday present before her death
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Because her teenage son loved video games, Diana bought him an Xbox, and Harry noted in a letter that the gift had made him happy.

By the time Diana was at rest at her family’s estate, Althorp, by the time Harry celebrated his birthday on September 15th.

Leaked excerpts from Prince Harry’s extraordinary memoir, Spare, surfaced days before its publication date, surprising royal watchers around the world.


Prince William and Harry pictured at their mother’s funeral
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This led to a flurry of explosive revelations from the Duke of Sussex’s autobiography, which was due on 10 January, following the unintentional sale in Spain.

Harry’s book isn’t the first royal autobiography to generate controversy. Andrew Morton’s 1992 book about his mother was well received.

Spare was placed under a strict embargo before it was released in order to prevent an early release. To prevent information from being released before then, there was strict security in place before the launch.


Harry cried at Diana’s burial
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Deliveries to book stores reportedly took place the day before the publication to prevent copies from being leaked.

But why did Spain release them five days ahead of schedule? The Telegraph reported that Valencian booksellers were willing to break the strict publication embargo as long as the sale of the book could not be linked to them.

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