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Prince Harry reveals Princess Kate’s fangirl first reaction to Meghan Markle

In his new memoir, Spare, which was published in Spain and which HELLO! was able to access, Prince Harry revealed several details about the royal family.

The Duke of Sussex discusses how his sister-in-law, Princess Kate, and brother, Prince William, reacted when they found out that he was going on a date with Meghan Markle during a charming moment. The royal couple were “mega fans” of Suits and couldn’t believe Harry was going out with one of the show’s leading ladies.


Harry wanted them to be seen as a foursome
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He told them tales of their early dating life while joking that he hadn’t realized they were such ardent fans of the show and revealing their shocked expressions at the woman he was seeing.

In order to be perceived as a foursome, the Duke also expressed his desire to be seen as equal to his brother and to have a partner, something that William had attempted to downplay.

They both advised the Duke not to get too excited about the potential union, which ultimately upset the Duke. Fortunately, they had nothing to worry about, as Harry and Meghan have been wed since 2018.


Harry and Meghan live with their two children in California
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Harry also revealed specifics regarding Meghan’s interactions with his family, including his father and brother.

Despite being such a fan, Kate may not have been present when Meghan first met William because it appears she was out with the kids. However, Harry said the meeting in general went well.

Additionally, he explained how Meghan was able to win over King Charles and the late Queen by wearing her hair down, a look they both admired.

In the book, Harry discusses every aspect of his life, including the moment he learned of Princess Diana’s passing.


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The Prince, who was 12 years old at the time, recalls that his father Charles called him “dear son” and sat on the end of his bed as he explained that a car accident had occurred and that Diana had not fully recovered from her injuries.

Harry claims that his father did not give him a hug or cause him to cry; instead, he placed his hand on Harry’s knee and reassured him that everything would be alright. He became aware that William had already heard the news from Charles.

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