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King Charles’s heartbreaking plea to sons Prince William and Prince Harry revealed

In his autobiography, Spare, Prince Harry describes a tragic incident involving himself, Prince William, and their father, King Charles.

Harry has shared a private interaction between the siblings and their father, the then-Prince Charles, in addition to claiming that William physically assaulted him.


Harry has also alleged that his brother physically assaulted him
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After the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, was laid to rest at Windsor Castle in April 2021, he recalls an agonizing encounter with William and Charles.

Harry’s relationships with his family were already strained at this point. Harry claims that Charles stood in the middle of his quarreling sons, “looking up at our flushed faces.”

Harry quotes his father as saying, “Please, boys.” “Please don’t make my last years miserable.”

The Guardian has received excerpts from Spare before its 10 January release.


William and Harry pictured at Prince Philip’s funeral
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They include claims made by Harry that the Prince of Wales grabbed his brother by the collar and tore off his necklace before throwing him to the ground during an altercation that occurred at his London home in 2019. Harry claimed that the incident left him with a visible injury to his back.

Additionally, Harry claimed that William had referred to his wife Meghan Markle as “difficult,” “rude,” and “abrasive” in comments that, in Harry’s words, repeated “the press narrative” about her.

The “extraordinary scene” is “one of many in Spare,” which is scheduled to be released on January 10 according to The Guardian newspaper.

Despite “strict pre-launch security around the book,” the newspaper claimed it was able to obtain a copy of the book.


Harry and his father King Charles in happier times
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In other parts of the book, Harry also discusses his poor choice to show up to a Halloween party in 2005 dressed as a Nazi.

He has since asserted that William and Kate encouraged him to select that specific outfit.

“I called Willy and Kate and inquired as to their opinions. Nazzi* garb, they claimed ” – Harry writes that he tried it on for them after returning home.


Harry claims William and Kate approved of his Nazzi* costume
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“Both of them howled. More terrible than Willy’s leotard attire! More ridiculous still! which was the point once more.”

Regarding the revelations from the book, Kensington Palace chose not to comment.

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