The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's children were seen playing freely

Rare footage of Archie and Lilibet having fun at home will melt your heart

In their candid Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle released a large amount of home video footage. Among the included clips is a collection of videos of their children Archie and Lilibet playing in the grounds of their Montecito mansion.


Photo: Netflix


The voiceover from the show was reshared in part of the video clips of Prince Harry saying the following: “Just observing Archie sprinting across the lawn while grinning broadly… He is familiar with this world. He only stayed in Windsor for the first five months. He and Lili both consider this to be their home. And this is where we live.”

The videos demonstrate Lilibet’s hesitant walking while she holds on to her mother’s hands. While Harry is playing baseball with his son one moment, Meghan is seen gardening with her kids. Another adorable video showed the Prince reading to his two children while they were at home on the sofa.


Photo: Netflix


Their magnificent US home, which includes a huge outdoor pool and an incredible playground, is the ideal place for raising their kids.

The couple keeps chickens on their property, as was previously revealed in the series and during their Oprah interview, and caring for them seems to be a family activity with the kids joining in on the fun.

The kids have their own rooms inside the house, and one of the episodes even featured Lilibet’s stunning nursery. The game room and immaculately furnished living areas are also available to the little ones.


Photo: Netflix


Additionally, there were pictures of Meghan’s growing bellies for both of her children in the Netflix series. Archie was spotted on his mother’s growing belly at one point, and the Duchess was also spotted pregnant and barefoot on a beach.


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