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Meghan Markle to enter ‘new league’ of power before family clash in 2023, says Princess Diana’s confidante

Before her fighting spirit emerges at the Coronation, Meghan Markle will join a “new league” of influential people, according to the stars.

Watch our video below to relive the dramatic rollercoaster year the Sussexes had in 2022. But the duchess’ horoscope predicts that the coming year will be very fulfilling for her.


The Duchess and the Duke of Sussex look happier than ever
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Debbie Frank, a renowned astrologer who worked with Princess Diana, the mother of Prince Harry, has revealed what Meghan’s year might entail as a Leo “eager to move on with her life.”

The King’s Coronation will undoubtedly be a significant event for the royal family, and while Harry and Meghan’s attendance isn’t confirmed just yet, Debbie is optimistic that her “fighting spirit” will shine through during this period of transition.

The duchess may even be headed toward a collision with the royal family by the end of the year, according to the horoscope for the following year.


Arthur Edwards said he was surprised to hear how much Meghan Markle struggled with royal life behind palace doors.
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Huge changes are reportedly on the horizon for the duchess, and Debbie reveals all in this horoscope…

Leo Meghan tells HELLO! that she is eager to advance in her life and widen her sphere of influence.

“High-flying Jupiter is in her point of ambition during the month of March, catapulting her into a new league of influential people.


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“Leos are born to shine and exude a special confidence, so 2023 will be a very fulfilling year for her. As assertive Mars strikes out, her spirit of resistance is evident to all around the Coronation in May and into the summer.

“She’s also prepared to broaden her personal network and purchase a second mansion. She might run into her family because of the October 14th eclipsed New Moon.”

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