Arthur Edwards said he is hopeful that the brothers will reconcile.Photo: Arthur Edwards

Prince Harry pledged to support Prince William before their feud: ‘They were inseparable’

Arthur Edwards, a royal photographer, was shocked to learn about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s difficulties adjusting to royal life.

The first episode of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s “Harry & Meghan” Netflix docuseries was made available on December 8. It concentrated on how racism affected the couple’s coverage in the British media. The second half of the film, which was released on December 15, featured the duo airing their complaints about the monarchy and outlining the events that led to their decision to abdicate their thrones.


Photo: Netflix


According to the royal photographer, “I went everywhere with them.” “They were simply amazing. They resembled rock celebrities. They were adored by the children. Meghan was a genius. She was posing for pictures with them, signing autographs, and enjoying herself immensely with the crowd. People adored them and they were everywhere. But things changed toward the end when she got pregnant [with her firstborn]. Less enjoyable. After that, the final [royal] tour was dreadful. Harry underwent a complete change. He cut off communication with the press. He abruptly stopped speaking to us one day. He simply cut us all to death.”

Since 1975, Edwards has covered royal events for The Sun. In addition to covering more than 200 royal tours in over 120 nations, he has also covered seven royal nuptials, seven royal births, and four royal funerals. His photo book, “Behind the Crown: My Life Photographing the Royal Family,” was released on November 29. There are a lot of previously unseen images of the British royal family in it.


Photo: Arthur Edwards


Edwards was also the only photographer to capture King Charles III fleeing Balmoral after Queen Elizabeth II’s passing. Additionally, Arthur’s coverage of the queen’s state funeral is included in the book.

Edwards mentioned that he saw Markle, a former American actress, receive a cordial welcome from the royal family. The former “Suits” star wed the late queen’s grandson in 2018, becoming the Duchess of Sussex.

He added, “They had a fantastic reception, and Harry’s father walked her down the aisle.” “They received a fantastic home. Everything seemed lovely. Because Meghan was the subject of some rather harsh writing, I occasionally feel for her. Some of it was excessive. But that’s the issue with getting married to a royal. One of the things you need to be resilient to is that. You’ll get looks from people who will act as though you’re in a fishbowl. I am aware that it is difficult. I can still see Diana’s pain. I recall the Duchess of York’s difficulties. Meghan, however, appeared to adapt quickly. Why things would be so upsetting was difficult to comprehend.”


Photo: Arthur Edwards – WPA Pool/Getty Images


According to Edwards, Harry and the British press got along well from the start. It provided him with a platform from which to talk about issues that were important to him, like the Invictus Games, a sporting competition for wounded and ill service members.

Edwards remembered that Harry had instructed everyone to meet in the pub at 6 o’clock at the conclusion of their journey to Colorado Springs. “Then we all gathered at the bar. He showed up, and we talked for an hour and a half, sharing opinions and ideas, but also laughing a lot. After everything was said and done, Harry paid the bill. We did that everywhere we went with him, including there, in Australia, Jamaica, and Jamaica. Everything abruptly came to an end with Meghan. And that makes me sad because Harry and the media got along so well. He is a talented young man who was incredibly friendly. He could express himself, and you weren’t offended. He wouldn’t be offended if you did the same. Now that I look at him, he just seems so depressed.”


Photo: Arthur Edwards


In the docuseries, Harry, 38, said that Prince William, the heir to the throne, yelled at him at a royal summit in January 2020 to discuss the couple’s decision to take a break from public life.

Harry said, “It was terrifying to have my brother scream and shout at me and have my father say things that were just plain untrue, while my grandmother sat there quietly and sort of took it all in.” The couple’s plan to remain “half in, half out” of royal life, he continued, was quickly shot down.

The brothers were very close, Arthur remarked. “They collaborated on everything. They were utterly unable to be separated. When Harry was about 25 or 26 years old, I recall him giving a speech in which he stated that his main responsibility in life was to support William because he was aware that William would one day become king. He would require Harry’s assistance. The three of them put in a lot of effort for their mental health charity before [Kate Middleton] arrived. Harry was also working on his own charitable projects at the same time. … There is now bitterness where there was none before. They were always together, and I recall watching them ride horses and play football. I don’t currently see them getting back together, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.”


Photo: Arthur Edwards – Pool/Getty Images


The Duchess of Sussex and the Duke of Sussex are now based in California, Markle’s home state. They have relocated to Montecito, a posh coastal community. The couple has been able to afford their lifestyle on a property with a view of the Pacific Ocean thanks to lucrative contracts with Netflix and Spotify.

In the past, it was believed that Harry’s union with the biracial Markle would help the royal family’s efforts to modernize by making it more representative of a multicultural society.

The fairytale, which was highlighted by a ride in a horse-drawn carriage and a lavish wedding at Windsor Castle, was quickly derailed by constant media attention, including claims that the 41-year-old duchess was conceited and mistreated her staff.


Photo: Arthur Edwards


They wanted to relocate to the United States, and Edwards thought that was reasonable. “You can live your life however you want to, there is no reason why you can’t. The issue, however, is that although [Harry’s great-great uncle] Edward VIII fled the country after abdicating the throne in order to marry an American woman, he never disparaged the royal family, his brother, or his brother’s family. And this is what’s going on with these Netflix movies and the Oprah Winfrey interview [from 2021], both of which have left many people with a bad taste in their mouths. … William’s brother’s comments about the family must make him very angry. Just please fix it, I hope. But right now, it seems incredibly unlikely.”


Photo: Arthur Edwards


Edwards continued, “And the king said wonderful things about Meghan and Harry living abroad in his first speech. “He cherishes them. Your love for your son never wanes. I imagine the king still has a great love for him and would be thrilled to have him back. He would return to the king the following day.”

The news that Markle’s mental health was deteriorating behind palace doors, according to Edwards, particularly astounded him. The duchess claimed in the documentary that she considered suicide before the couple left. Harry went on to say that he thought the duchess’ miscarriage was caused in part by the Mail on Sunday’s publication of a letter she wrote to her estranged father. She successfully sued the outlet’s publisher.


Photo: Arthur Edwards – WPA Pool/Getty Images


Edwards said, “I just remember her being fantastic during those first 18 months. “Even though she is an actress, in my opinion, she is simply gifted. They were the best. There is a severe rift between the two brothers. They both have a bit of a hothead. While it is common for brothers to yell at one another, it is not typically done in public. Simply move on, apologize, and resolve the situation at the bar. But I’m afraid this one will require a lot of sorting.”

The tell-alls are still going on. Harry is preparing for the January 10 release of his memoir “Spare.”

Edwards remarked, “I hope they’re content [in California].” “But this is a wonderful country. Harry was a very special person in this place. He held the title of realm prince. He’s just another celebrity in a town full of celebrities in California.”

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