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King Charles will ‘always keep the door open’ for Prince Harry but the royals ‘probably don’t think they owe the Sussexes an apology’

Despite Prince Harry’s Netflix docuseries, King Charles will “always keep the door open,” and there probably won’t be an apology to the Sussexes either, according to Rebecca English, Royal Editor of the Daily Mail.

She claimed that the Royal Family has probably made a “conscious decision” to keep things calm and carry on after the six-part documentary detailing Harry and Meghan’s royal career was released this month in the most recent episode of Palace Confidential on Mail Plus.

While giving viewers a rare look into their engagement, wedding, and life in the US, the couple made a number of shocking claims in the Netflix series.

Following the series’ conclusion, Rebecca stated to Palace Confidential that the Royal Family is probably “angry and very hurt” over some of the things that were said.


King Charles will ‘always keep the door open’ for Prince Harry despite his Netflix docuseries, the Daily Mail’s Royal Editor Rebecca English has claimed  Photo: Getty Images


Because they have a busy end of the year ahead of them, she continued, they have “consciously decided, all of them together, to not respond, to not get bogged down on this.”

Rebecca went on to say that it is “actually quite sad” that Harry and William are communicating via text rather than phone, as was shown in the docuseries.

It’s a very sad situation, she said, when two brothers aren’t even communicating with each other anymore, if at all.

Despite the Netflix series, the royal expert continued, King Charles will likely “always keep the door open” for his youngest son, Prince Harry.

Rebecca said, “I do think there has been a mishandling of the situation on both counts, and I know that Buckingham Palace did bend over backwards to help him – I know that, I saw it with my own eyes.”


She said the Royal Family has likely made a ‘conscious decision’ to Keep Calm and Carry On after the six-part documentary was released this month, detailing Harry and Meghan’s royal career  Photo: Netflix


However, they always do it in their own quirky way, and Harry and Meghan probably didn’t think that was sufficient. On both sides, there should likely be some reflection, in my opinion.

However, she asserted that the Royal Family does not believe an apology to the Sussexes is necessary.

According to Rebecca, the Netflix documentary deals the Royal Family some “low blows” that probably weren’t necessary, such as saying they were the only royal couple to wed out of love.

The first project to come out of the multi-year contract the couple signed with the streaming giant back in 2020, shortly after they announced they were stepping down as active members of the Royal Family, is Meghan & Harry, directed by Liz Garbus.


In the wake of the finale, Rebecca told Palace Confidential that the Royal Family are likely ‘angry and very hurt’ about some of the things that were said in the series  Photo: Mail Online


The couple and Netflix announced a partnership in September 2020 to work together on a variety of projects, including documentaries, docuseries, feature films, scripted series, and children’s programming.

They stated: “Our focus will be on creating content that informs but also inspires.” at the time. Making motivational family programming is important to us as newlyweds.

Netflix’s “unprecedented reach will help [them] share impactful content that unlocks action,” they continued.

According to a recent Netflix announcement, the couple will host a documentary series honoring ‘inspirational leaders’ throughout history who were influenced by Nelson Mandela.


Photo: Netflix


Interviews with influential people from around the world are featured in the seven-part series “Live to Lead,” including late US Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Bryan Stevenson, a 63-year-old US social justice activist and law professor; Albie Sachs, an 87-year-old former South African judge; rugby player Siya Kolisi; and the 88-year-old journalist Gloria Steinem will also be discussed.

The couple will probably appear in the series and is listed as executive producers.

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