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Baby Lilibet is the spitting image of dad Prince Harry in adorable photos

It is a well-known fact that the royal family’s genetic makeup is robust. It is also undeniable that the royal family gives birth to adorable children, and little Lilibet Diana is no exception. Earlier this year, a picture of Prince Harry as a toddler who resembled his youngest child was discovered, much to the delight of royal fans.


Fans adored the lookalike photo of Prince Harry and Lilibet Diana
Photo via Instagram


A photo of Prince Harry and Princess Lilibet that was created by the Instagram account @ourroyal family combined two photos of the pair so that viewers could see how similar they are to one another.

Both of the young royals were shown in the photos crawling while dressed in pretty white attire. Harry wore a very 1980s baby grow, and Lilibet looked adorable in a cream-colored cardigan and a bow-adorned headband.

The picture and the caption, “Another little Spencer Grandma Diana would be so proud!” were posted online.


Prince Harry looked so much like his daughter when he was little
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Fans naturally flocked to Instagram to drool over the adorable pictures, posting their comments there. One person wrote: “Such a beautiful contrast of daddy-daughter moment. The only significant difference I see is that Lili’s cheeks are out of control chub, and I love it!” another wrote: Added a third: “They each have a miniature version of themselves; Archie resembles baby Megs and Lili, her father! Stunning images of their parents.”

Many royal admirers will be wondering if the Duke and Duchess will try for a third child like Harry’s older brother Prince William. What, though, have Meghan, 41, and Harry, 38, said about the possibility of a future baby Sussex?


Prince Harry reads a story to Lilibet and son Archie on the sofa of their home in the US             Image: NETFLIX


Allison P. Davis recently spoke with The Cut for The New York Times website and disclosed that Archie had returned to school and was prepared to start attending classes all day. We wonder if the royal couple is considering growing their family now that their son is in kindergarten.

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