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Real reason King Charles won’t mention Harry and Meghan’s Netflix drama in Christmas speech

After a challenging few weeks for the royal family, King Charles is getting ready to give his first Christmas speech as the current monarch.

Observations made by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in their six-part Netflix series put the establishment in the spotlight.


Relations between Harry and William are incredibly strained
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According to Harry, it was “terrifying” to have Prince William “scream and shout at me” and “have my father say things that just simply weren’t true” during discussions surrounding the couple’s decision to step down as working royals. Buckingham Palace has so far refrained from commenting on the couple’s claims.

Furthermore, for one very straightforward reason, King Charles will not bring up the drama in his Christmas Day speech.

The first batch of Harry & Meghan episodes were just released when the monarch recorded his holiday message.


Charles pictured with Prince Harry in happier times
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However, the second half had not yet aired, during which shocking accusations were made, including Harry’s claim that the palace “lied” to defend William.

The King is expected to mention the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in his holiday speech, but The Telegraph understands that the Netflix show had no impact on the King’s carefully considered message.

The speech was recorded on Tuesday, December 13, the source claims.

The UK will receive its first Christmas message from a king in nearly 70 years during this year’s broadcast on Sunday, December 25. On Christmas Day, the speech is typically broadcast at around 3 p.m., but the exact time has not yet been determined.


Harry spoke about both his father and brother in the Netflix series
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As the first male monarch to address the nation on television at Christmas, King Charles will also go down in history. King George VI delivered his speeches on the radio prior to Queen Elizabeth II’s first speech on television in 1957.

Although the King’s speech’s topic is unknown, it is likely that he will pay tribute to his late mother, the Queen, who passed away in September.

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