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Meghan Markle reveals kindness of ‘charming’ King Charles at wedding to Prince Harry

The final three episodes of Harry and Meghan received a lot of attention because Prince Harry and Meghan discussed their conflict with the royal family.


Charles walked Meghan down the aisle
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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex revealed how King Charles played a special role in the preparations leading up to their 2018 wedding, which led to some touching scenes in the fourth episode. Charles and Meghan had a close relationship at the time; he even escorted Meghan down the aisle and gave her in marriage to his son.

Harry remarked while showing clips of the orchestra playing as Meghan walked down the aisle, “My father helped us choose an orchestra, which made all the difference.


The royals shared some private words at the altar
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“I’ve lost my dad in this,” Meghan continued. “Harry’s dad is very charming, so he as my father-in-law is very important to me.”

Even so, it’s highly unlikely that we will ever learn what King Charles thinks of the situation, as Emily Nash, royal editor for HELLO!, stated: “There are people involved in this who haven’t spoken and probably never will speak. We’d all really like to hear William and Charles’ opinions on the matter, but that isn’t going to happen.


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The royal family has a “never complain, never explain” operating philosophy, so they will simply want to move on and concentrate on their current activities.

Even if they are upset about what was said in the Netflix documentary, they won’t air their dirty laundry in front of others.

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