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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s highly personal wedding album – surprising unseen pics

In their explosive Netflix documentary, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke discussed who was to blame for Meghan’s tragic miscarriage and spoke openly about his shouting altercation with his own brother, Prince William. The final three episodes, however, also featured happier moments, such as a behind-the-scenes look at the couple’s charming wedding day in 2018.

A recounting of their wonderful wedding day was featured in episode four of the docuseries, along with the couple’s commentary and a collection of never-before-seen wedding pictures. View the best recently discovered images…

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle smiling as newlyweds


Photo: Netflix


At their lavish wedding venue, the royal couple shared a candid photo of themselves walking through a hall. The bride was seen walking with her dress pulled up. As they passed by the crowd of happy people, Groom Harry put his hand on her back.


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry sipping champagne

Photo: Netflix

The newlyweds took pictures inside the wedding venue on a balcony while sipping champagne. A glass was raised by Meghan Markle as her husband Harry pointed in the direction of the camera.


Princess Kate at Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding

Photo: Netflix


Princess Kate mingled with guests in a very rare photo taken inside the couple’s wedding reception at St. George’s Hall at Windsor Castle.


Prince Harry’s wedding speech

Photo: Netflix


The exhibition featured a black-and-white image of Prince Harry raising a toast during his wedding speech. As his husband addressed their guests, his new wife Meghan could be seen in the background of the picture, looking emotional.


Prince Charles kissing Meghan on the cheek

Photo: Netflix


As her father wasn’t present, Prince Charles led Meghan down the aisle on her wedding day. In a previously unseen gesture, Prince Harry’s father gave the bride a tender kiss on the cheek.


Prince Harry and Meghan cutting their wedding cake

Photo: Netflix


A ceremonial sword was used to cut the wedding cake for Prince Harry and Meghan, and the event was caught on camera. As they captured this special moment on their big day, the couple grinned.


Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding fireworks

Photo: Netflix


The Sussexes were captured on camera gazing up at the night sky above Frogmore House’s lake in a tender picture. The image does a fantastic job of capturing the beauty of the magical moment.

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