Meghan Markle breaks down as she recalls her miscarriage on “Harry & Meghan.”Photo: Netflix

Meghan Markle suffered a miscarriage: Prince Harry points blame in Netflix doc

In the course of Meghan’s legal dispute with the Mail’s publisher, Associated Newspapers Ltd., the Duke of Sussex has asserted that she miscarried “because of what the Mail did.”

The Netflix documentary’s sixth installment discusses Meghan’s victory in her protracted legal battle with Associated Newspapers, the company that publishes the Mail On Sunday and Mail Online, whom she sued over five articles that included excerpts from a “personal and private letter” she wrote to her father.


Harry opened up about his wife’s miscarriage
Photo: Netflix

Meghan reflected on how the legal action affected her in 2020, saying: “I was pregnant, I really wasn’t sleeping, and the first morning we woke up in our new home is when I miscarried.”

John said: “My wife may have miscarried as a result of what The Mail did, in my opinion. I kept an eye on everything. Do we have proof that the miscarriage was brought on by that? Of course not, but considering the stress it caused, the lack of sleep, the timing of the pregnancy, and how far along she was at the time, it seems likely. From what I observed, I can conclude that what they were trying to do to her caused the miscarriage.”


Meghan suffered a miscarriage in July 2020
Photo: Netflix


Four months later, Meghan published an emotional article for The New York Times under the title “The Losses We Share,” which at the time received praise from a number of UK baby loss charities, including Tommy’s.

The Duke’s wife said: “It’s OK, you’re human, it’s OK to talk about things like having a miscarriage and possibly feeling ashamed about it when I share things that are vulnerable moments.

“And I could decide to never discuss those topics, or I could decide to say that despite all the negative aspects of this, the positive aspect is being able to assist others.


Meghan penned an op-ed for The New York Times
Photo: Netflix


“Connection and community like that is the point of life, right?”

On December 15, the last three episodes of Harry & Meghan’s Netflix docuseries were made available.

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