The royal was so flattered

Princess of Wales is mistaken for somebody else and her reaction is brilliant

During royal engagements, the Princess of Wales enjoys spending time with kids and frequently develops a brooding gush over newborns. The mother-of-three was even mistaken for a teacher during one nursery visit, and her reaction in the rediscovered clip is priceless.


Catherine happily wheeled in a cart of breakfast foods to serve to the children.


Who is your favorite teacher, the Princess could be heard asking. and a young child points to the royal directly. “Me?” Catherine exclaimed with a look of surprise on her face. She continued by saying: “You’re so kind. It was a pleasure meeting you.”

The adorable video was captured in January 2020 during a visit to Stockwell Gardens Nursery and Preschool in London.

As she served breakfast to students, apprentices from the LEYF Early Years Chef Academy spoke to the royal about the value of food nutrition for kids.


While serving breakfast, Catherine delighted students and teachers alike                                                                                                      Photo: Getty Images


As he joked about beetroot with the then-Duchess, trainee Luke Nelson-Neil said, “I still can’t get them [the kids] to eat it.” “Mine absolutely love it,” Kate retorted, “it’s one of those things you don’t know until you try it.”

The devoted mother is serious about childcare studies and is passionate about the subject.

Princess Charlotte started learning about healthy eating earlier this month. Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis all attend Lambrook School.

According to the school’s Instagram page, year three students spent the week learning about eating a healthy, balanced diet and then making bread, a skill the Princess of Wales and she both enjoy using at home.


Students high fived then-Duchess Catherine
Photo: Getty Images


Additionally, the Windsor school for the royal kids recently disclosed on Instagram that students had been delivering supplies to a nearby food bank. In a touching photo, several students were seen pushing carts that were overflowing with board games and grocery store necessities that would likely be delivered to underprivileged families during the holiday season.

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