Why Prince Harry Told Meghan Markle Not to Smile at Paparazzi When They Started Dating

Meghan Markle is thinking back on the constant media attention she experienced while dating Prince Harry.

The Duchess of Sussex, 41, opened up about how her life changed after it was revealed she was dating the British royal in the second episode of Harry & Meghan, which debuted on Netflix on Thursday. She also discussed how the paparazzi’s presence became threatening while she was living in Toronto and filming Suits.




“When I went to get flowers, I recall leaving the flower shop and seeing at least nine or ten paparazzi standing in the street. The Duchess of Sussex said, “They were all sort of blocking the cars and asking, ‘Hey, how are you doing Meghan?’ and I was like, ‘Oh thanks, stay warm guys!'”

And I recall H telling me not to speak to them the following day. Meghan said, adopting a more somber tone. “And I said, “I’m just trying to be nice, I have never dealt with this before, I have no idea what to do.” And he says, “Yes, but the British media claims that you adore it. You’re grinning and enjoying it.” The image panned to an old headline from The Sun, which stated that Meghan, who was wearing a necklace with her and Harry’s initials, “couldn’t stop smiling” while out and about buying flowers.

Friend Lucy Fraser said it took Meghan a while to adjust to her new reality, and Meghan said in a separate sit-down that it seemed like the entire U.K. press “descended upon Toronto” at the time. The host of Archetypes claimed that photographers would lurk outside her home, “waiting for me to do anything.”




Prince Harry, 38, recalled, “I was hearing all of this from thousands of miles away.” And while trying to take action, being completely powerless.

As the attention grew, Meghan claimed that her neighbors warned her that paparazzi would come to their doors in search of her. Some of her neighbors even claimed that they had been paid to set up a livestream camera in her backyard.

“Everything in my life seemed to have become incredibly isolated all of a sudden. All of the blinds and curtains were drawn back, “She spoke. It was frightful.

The media’s focus on Harry and Meghan’s relationship put a strain on their long-distance relationship because Harry lives in England. Before she became a member of the royal family, tabloids delved into every aspect of Meghan’s life, prompting Harry to ask his girlfriend what was true and false.




“I had to go to her to ask her about certain things that were written and said. The hardest part was that, “Harry stated, and his wife of four years concurred.

She said, “It really quickens the learning curve in a relationship.

Netflix is currently offering the first three Harry & Meghan episodes for streaming. Next Thursday, December 15, Volume Two will go on sale.

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