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Strict rule Meghan Markle had to learn before meeting the Queen

Before she relocated to London to live with her husband Prince Harry, Meghan Markle enrolled herself in etiquette classes, according to the MailOnline.

Before meeting with Edmund Fry, a Londoner who owns the Rose Tree Cottage tea room in Pasadena, California, the former actress is said to have scheduled a two-hour etiquette lesson under a friend’s name. The reason Meghan scheduled the appointment, in Edmund’s words, was that she “knew she would be having tea with the Queen.”


The Duchess reportedly booked herself into etiquette lessons
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Meghan asked questions like “Do I hold the cup and saucer like this?,” “Is it okay if I leave the spoon like this?,” “Do I ask for more tea and does it matter if the cup is put on the plate like this?” and “What is the plate for,” according to the Londoner who spoke to the MailOnline.

Edmund said, “She wanted to know how comfortable sitting was.

Following the publication of the first three episodes on Netflix, Prince Harry and Meghan’s new documentary, Harry & Meghan, has captured the attention of viewers worldwide.


Meghan recalled her nerves of meeting the Queen for the first time
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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex open up and share very personal details about their lives in the episodes that make up the first volume of their series.

One particular scene reminds Meghan of her desire to enroll in etiquette classes prior to moving to London. The former actress recalls meeting Queen Elizabeth II for the first time in the second episode and wondering why she had to bow to the late monarch.

Harry remembered: “The first senior family member Meghan met was my grandmother. She was unsure of what everything was made of. For her, it came as a little bit of a shock.”


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Meghan answered: “Prior to meeting her, I was unaware that I would. We were driving to Royal Lodge for lunch while in the car. “Oh, my grandmother is here,” he exclaimed. Following church, she’ll be there. We were driving in the car when he said, “You know how to curtsy, right?” And I merely assumed it to be a joke.”

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