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Why Meghan Markle wore white for new Netflix docuseries

Stunning photos of the Duchess of Sussex wearing optic white outfits serve as illustrations of her most important public appearances. Prior to the historic Harry & Meghan Netflix series, Meghan and Prince Harry made several appearances. But do you understand the significance of Meghan’s decision to wear white?


Meghan’s brilliant white dress made a statement
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The mother of two spoke to the camera while being filmed for Harry & Meghan while sporting a stylish white shirt and matching white palazzo pants. Meghan exuded serenity, and the effect was powerful.

Pointedly, the couple appeared in public in New York on Tuesday to attend the Ripple of Hope awards. Meghan wore a stunning white custom-made Louis Vuitton column dress with a Bardot neckline. The event took place in advance of the highly anticipated premiere of the Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan.

HELLO! Tash Bradley, a color psychologist and design director, was previously interviewed and shared her opinions on these striking all-white looks, specifically what it means for Harry and Meghan’s “brand.”


Meghan’s chic all-white style evolution
Photo: Netflix


‘You wear white to unclutter your mind, to show that you have a clear mind and that you know yourself,’ she said, explaining why Meghan was dressed entirely in white.

“It takes a lot of confidence to wear white, you know, because you’re not trying to hide anything; you just want to show purity. It takes a lot of courage to wear all white.”

Color is the first thing we see, so before you take on, let’s say, the shape of an object, the color is the first thing that we interact with, so that’s where it could be so powerful when it comes to branding, Tash said, elaborating on why outfit color choices are particularly significant in branding.


Meghan and Harry were at the Hope Gala on Tuesday night
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In a recent interview, Meghan admitted to choosing muted beige and even brown tones in the past when she was a working royal in order to avoid color clashing with Princess Kate and the Queen.

Meghan discussed how, in the past, she had been determined to “blend in” and not “stand out” in comparison to more seasoned members of the royal family. The 41-year-old wore a warm brown and beige-colored outfit when she joined the royals for their first Christmas at Sandringham in 2017.

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