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Prince Harry shares touching details of emotional letter from Prince William

The third episode of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s new Netflix docuseries featured the Prince recalling the sweet details of a letter Prince William had written to him while he was serving in Afghanistan.


Prince Harry served two terms in Afghanistan
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When reflecting on his time in the military, Harry said, “There are still scars left open from my mom’s awesomeness, to put it mildly,” and the video cut to an earlier interview in which the Prince was sitting by his Army base and describing the kind gesture in detail.

He said: “Well hopefully she’d [Princess Diana] be proud William sent me a letter saying how proud he reckons she would have been it’s one thing that I don’t necessarily think about the whole time.” in the old video.


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The people I met and the lifelong friends I made [while in the army] were like my second family, he continues.

It goes without saying that Princess Diana is one of the series’ main points of interest. “Princess Diana is a very strong theme in this documentary,” said Emily Nash, royal editor for HELLO! “From Harry talking about his childhood and how much she protected him and William, particularly from the press through to her charity work and his comparison of Meghan to her, he very much describes himself as his mother’s son as many people do in the documentary and I think we’ll see more of that as the series progresses.”


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The first three episodes have provided viewers with a thorough look into the beginning of their relationship, including how they first met, where they went on their first date, and how they knew they were “the one.”

The three upcoming episodes of the show will air on Thursday morning at 8 a.m.

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