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Prince Harry praises ‘willing and capable’ Princess Kate in Netflix documentary

Prince Harry spoke about the challenges women who marry into the royal family must face in their new Netflix documentary, Meghan & Harry, saying they must be “willing and capable.”

Prince Harry makes a reference to what Princess Kate has experienced since becoming a member of the royal family as images of her and the headline “Princess in crisis” appear on the screen.


Prince Harry worried if he’d be able to find a partner
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“The suffering and pain that women go through when they marry into this institution’s feeding frenzy. I was terrified and wished for a repeat of history to never happen.”

Harry explained his concern about finding a partner as follows: “I distinctly recall asking myself, “How will I ever find someone who is willing and strong enough to handle all the baggage that comes with being with me?


Members of the royal family aren’t free to marry without permission
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“Within a few weeks or months, every relationship I had resulted in that person’s family being hounded and their life being turned upside down.”

“Therefore, when I finally met Meghan, I was terrified that the media—the same media that had turned so many other people away from me—would drive her away.”

Robert Hazell, a royal author, provided additional insight into the difficulties faced by royal women.


The ladies are sisters-in-law through marriage
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He said in front of a somber picture of Prince William and Princess Kate: “They have a very limited amount of freedom to determine their own futures. Prior to getting married, the first twelve in line for the throne must obtain The Queen’s consent.”

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