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Princess Catherine just styled Diana’s heirloom totally different from the late royal

The Earthshot Prize Ceremony, which the Princess of Wales and her husband Prince William attended on Friday evening, saw the debut of Queen Mary’s “Delhi Durbar Art Deco Emerald Choker.” The royal made a big impression on the red carpet as she went for green in a chic dress and matching opulent jewelry.


The Princess of Wales wore a choker that previously belonged to Princess Diana
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In order to highlight her stunning green color scheme for the special occasion, the mother-of-three borrowed a stunning choker that once belonged to Princess Diana.

The amazing item was made famous by Lady Diana when she wore it on her head as a bandeau during a dance with Prince Charles in Melbourne in 1985. It has an estimated market value of close to $20 million in today’s money.

Princess Catherine chose to style herself in a less unconventional way by wrapping the necklace around her décolleté.




Regallfille, an encyclopedia of royal jewelry “It was originally a 16-cabochon emerald choker that belonged to Queen Mary, the late Queen Elizabeth II’s grandmother and the wife of King George V. During the Delhi darbar in 1911, Queen Mary was given a stunning diamond and emerald necklace as a gift. A piece of the Delhi Darbar Parure, the choker.”

The late Queen Elizabeth II received the necklace after that, but she never displayed it in public. The former monarch gave the choker as a wedding gift and lifelong loan to her eldest daughter-in-law, Lady Diana Spencer, in 1981. Diana owned it from 1981 to 1997, and she last wore the choker on her 36th birthday while visiting the Tate Gallery.


The royal looked radiant in her green ensemble
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The item was returned to the royal vault after Diana passed away, where it clearly caught the eye of Princess Catherine 25 years later.

The Earthshot Awards honored and provided funding for environmental initiatives that will make the world a better place for coming generations. David Beckham, Catherine O’Hara, and Rami Malek were among those who presented awards, and Billie Eilish entertained viewers remotely.

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