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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stun royal fans by releasing picture from inside Queen’s private residence – details

The Netflix documentary Harry & Meghan, featuring Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, is eagerly awaited by fans of the royal family because it will feature the couple’s perspective on their love story.

A few black-and-white stills of the couple were shown in the trailer, but one of the images was actually taken inside Buckingham Palace. One image showed Harry and Meghan exiting the entrance on the north side of the 775-room building, which is directly below the late Queen’s private apartments, while strolling hand in hand through an oval-shaped room. In the top right-hand corner, a box with the words “Her Majesty” could be seen.


The pair reportedly didn’t have permission to shoot photos inside Buckingham Palace                              Photo: Netflix 

In the picture, Harry was dressed in a suit, and his wife was sporting a long overcoat and a handbag.

According to royal protocol, the late Queen had to give her consent before pictures and videos could be taken inside the Palace, and according to the Telegraph, the couple lacked that consent.

The photographer wasn’t asked to leave the property, and it’s thought that neither of the two were informed of any complaints.


Photo: Netflix


The picture was taken during Harry and Meghan’s “farewell tour,” during which they participated in a number of engagements before leaving the royal family and relocating to the United States.

Although Harry & Meghan is listed as “coming soon” on Netflix, it has been widely reported that the documentary will debut on the service on Thursday, December 8.


Photo: Netflix


The six-episode program is billed as a “limited series.” According to the trailer, the episodes will cover everything from the start of their early relationship, when they went on dates and vacations together, to the present, when they are raising their family in Montecito, California.

The trailer also featured a variety of never-before-seen images, such as a few private wedding images, spontaneous Botswana vacation pictures, and a few endearing pregnancy images.

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