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Prince William & Princess Catherine: Shock as teacher at George and Charlotte’s former school arrested

The most recent information from Thomas’s Battersea will distress the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte, the children of the royal couple, were both students there until earlier this year when they transferred to Lambrook School close to Ascot.


Mr Smith only started at Thomas’s Battersea in September
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It has now come to light that Matthew Smith, Thomas’s Deputy Head of Pastoral, pleaded guilty to child exploitation offenses.

Notably, the allegations have nothing to do with students at the esteemed school. The Prince and Princess had already left the school by the time Mr. Smith started there in September.

Before Mr. Smith appeared in court or entered a guilty plea, the school immediately terminated his employment after learning of the allegations.

Southwark resident Mr. Smith entered a plea of guilty to disseminating pornographic images of children and encouraging the sexual exploitation of children. At a later time, a sentencing hearing will be held at Southwark Crown Court.


Little Prince George pictured on his first day at school
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According to a statement from the school: “We were shocked and upset to learn of these accusations. Our top priority has always been and will continue to be the safety and wellbeing of our students.

“There is no indication that the crimes are connected to Mr. Smith’s employment at Thomas’ or to any current or former students of the school, so further comment would be inappropriate at this time given the ongoing criminal proceedings.

“Mr. Smith’s employment at the school, which began in September this year, was terminated with immediate effect as soon as the school learned of the charges,” the statement reads.

The school accepts children between the ages of four and thirteen. Prospective students between the ages of two and three are called in for an evaluation to determine their suitability, though the test is based more on natural intelligence than academic knowledge.


George, Charlotte and Louis now attend Lambrook School
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At age four, fees are set at £5,868 per term, and they rise to £6,628 at age seven.

Every day begins with a handshake, and children are expected to be “unfailingly courteous and polite.” Good eye contact is also important. Additionally, the requirement to “Be Kind”—the school’s top rule, according to its website—is emphasized.

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