The royal is so good with children

Princess Kate receives praise for thoughtful gesture to young royal fan

Onlookers applauded the Princess of Wales after she was seen on camera interacting with a young royal fan and going above and beyond to make the child feel included.

The royal fan account @hrhcatherineprincessofwalesuk posted the video clip, which showed Princess Kate stooping to talk to a young girl during an official engagement.


The Princess of Wales meets Charlotte Bunting during a visit to St Thomas Church, in Swansea            Image: John Myers


“One wrote: “She dropped so quickly and gave that little one her undivided attention. Notice how she immediately gets down to the child’s level and looks them straight in the eye. God bless her “another concurred.

Another added: “Very Princess Diana move,” while a third said they “love the way Princess Kate always goes eye level with the children.”

Princess Diana was renowned for her extraordinary ability to connect with kids, and it appears that the new Princess of Wales shares this talent.

The adorable video showed the youngster showing the princess a bottle of shampoo, which the Princess then sniffed and encouraged the youngster to do as well.


This was the royal couple’s first trip to Wales as Prince and Princess                                                        Image: John Myers


The Princess is always surprised by babies during her royal engagements and stops for a quick cuddle when she can. She also takes the time to greet kids.

Prince William’s wife held a tiny newborn infant while visiting the maternity ward at the Royal Surrey County Hospital.

In a conversation with mother Sylvia Novak, who had welcomed her daughter Bianca six weeks early, the princess was asked if she would like to hold her daughter.


The Princess gets very broody when meeting new babies


Kate immediately responded, “Am I allowed?” and after that, a staff member assisted the mother in handing the infant to the Princess.

As Kate regarded the infant, she said, “She’s very sweet.” Love it!

The Princess has been open about her intense brooding and even revealed that William has made remarks about her when she works with young children, implying that she will want another child soon.

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