Why Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s kids could be the first royals with a Hollywood career

Even though Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s children are still young, we already have doubts about whether Archie, age three, and Lilibet, age one, will emulate their famous parents.

It’s not uncommon for royal kids to take after their parents’ careers and share their interests. We can’t help but wonder if Archie and Lilibet will join Meghan in the spotlight after Zara Tindall echoed her mother Princess Anne’s Olympic equestrian career and Prince George shared his mother the Princess of Wales’ love of tennis.


Could the Sussex’s children be heading for a life in the spotlight?


Former actress Meghan was questioned about how she would react if one of her kids told her they wanted to work in the entertainment business in her most recent tell-all interview with Variety.

The Duchess answered that if her kids showed an interest in the arts, she would just say, “Great!” to them.

“When you become a parent, you genuinely want your children to discover the things that completely fulfill them,” she said. They are our children, of course, and they are a part of a family that will have other expectations for them. However, I want them to be able to forge their own course.


Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are parents of two


“Great if it’s the entertainment sector. Moreover, good luck. There are a lot of people who will talk about how my children got their start. However, talent and a lot of grit are still required,” said Meghan.

“We’re creating multidimensional, fascinating, kind, creative people,” the former Suits actress continued. That describes our children.

Given that a career in the arts industry would be easier for both Archie and Lilibet than others, should they wish to pursue the entertainment industry, it wouldn’t be unlikely for the Sussex kids to break into Hollywood.


The Duchess of Sussex spoke candidly about family life
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In addition to living in Montecito, which is only a short drive from Hollywood, Harry and Meghan’s production company, Archewell Productions, has a collaborative project with Netflix, the top streaming service in the world. Meghan even told Variety that she and Harry want to use their production company to bring a rom-com to the big screen.

“For scripted, we want to consider how we can progress from that same location and carry out a fun activity! Not everything has to be taken so seriously. a good romantic comedy. We certainly miss them. I really miss them.

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