The royal couple took over Radio 1's Newsbeat

Princess Kate gets the giggles thanks to Prince William in funny radio outtake

This week, the Prince and Princess of Wales took over Radio 1’s Newsbeat with their combined star power.

The royal couple participated in a special episode of the program where they spoke with a variety of experts in the Live Lounge about the value of mental health.


William and Kate took over Radio 1’s Newsbeat


Despite the seriousness of the subject matter, there were a few humorous parts, especially near the end of the program.

Before Princess Kate and the team start laughing, Prince William can be heard practicing his sign-off by saying “Thanks for listening” in a number of different ways.

William then makes several attempts, to which his wife begs, “Please use all three!”


The royal couple won over listeners on the show


William made a joke about the couple’s appearance on the show earlier in the 15-minute broadcast, saying to the news reader Pria: “I’m conscious we might run out of time and Pria might say this is the worst Newsbeat production by two interviewers she’s ever seen.”

You know what, you can come back. This seat, I’ve kept it warm. I think you’ve done a very good job. You can come back, carry on, said Pria in a sweet reply.

The royal couple met with António Ferreria, an advocate for mental health, Emma Hardwell from the nonprofit The Mix, Ben Cowley, a music therapist, and Dr. Abigail Miranda from the Anna Freud Centre for Children and Families for a conversation to “have a meaningful conversation about mental health.”

Building a “toolbox” of methods and coping mechanisms is something Prince William advised people to do in order to deal with unforeseen difficulties.


William and Kate used the platform to talk about mental health


Many people don’t recognize their needs until they actually have them, he said. “Something can drastically change while you’re living one life and you realize you may not have the skills or experience to deal with it.

We won’t be able to address the issues we feel we must address on a daily basis if we can’t take care of ourselves, he continued.



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