The Duchess of Sussex spoke candidly

Meghan Markle makes heartbreaking confession – and admits she struggles to cry

Meghan Markle has been open about some of the hurtful remarks that have been made about her in the past.

The Duchess divulged a number of insults that have been directed at her in her most recent episode of the Archetypes podcast.

American comedian Jenny Slate, Indian actress Deepika Padukone, and American actress Constance Wu were among the special guests on episode four.


The Duchess spoke out on women being called ‘crazy’ or ‘hysterical’


As a way to “minimise” their problems, Meghan spoke in-depth to them about how she and other women have been referred to as “crazy and hysterical.”

She said to the audience: “If you have ever heard the words “crazy,” “hysterical,” or “nutty,” raise your hand. Unsane, insane, and totally irrational, OK? You see what I mean.

“Now, I believe it would be fairly simple to see if we were all in the same room and could see each other. How many of us are raising our hands? And I agree, too.”

Meghan went on to say “A person’s experience is completely discounted and their feelings are minimized when they are called crazy or hysterical.


Meghan shares two children with husband Harry


“The cycle continues to the point where anyone who has been given the label numerous times can be gaslighted into believing they are actually ill or, in some cases, worse, to the point where genuine problems of all kinds are disregarded. That won’t be happening today, though.

“I have strong feelings about this word, this label of “crazy,” how it’s used so carelessly, and the harm it does to society and women in general.

“From broken relationships to destroyed families, damaged reputations, and destroyed careers. The stigma attached to the term also has this muting effect “Meghan remarked.


The podcast was temporarily paused for most of September


Women who have serious mental health problems as a result “get scared, they keep quiet, they internalize, and they repress for far too long.”

Meghan also acknowledged that she struggles with crying because she has been “conditioned” to maintain a particular “kind of composure,” but she insisted that she needs to “let it out.”

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