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Princess Catherine reveals sweet unknown detail about Prince George as a baby

On Wednesday, the Princess of Wales visited the postnatal ward at the Royal Surrey County Hospital and reflected on her time as a new mother.

The mother-of-three shared amazing new information about her early days as a new mother and learned about the comprehensive support the hospital offers to expectant mothers and new mothers to ensure they receive the best care possible throughout and after their pregnancies.


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Kate talked about her two sons, Prince Louis, 4, and Prince George, 9, while meeting baby Giles Talbot-Erasmus.

When asked about her youngest son, Louis, who began school in September with his siblings, she said, “I keep thinking Louis is a baby but he’s a big boy now. It just feels like yesterday.”

Giles’ mittens, which concealed his long fingernails, caught her eye, and she commented on his curled-up position by saying, “George was so huddled up too, he spent quite a few days like that.”

No matter how well-prepared you are, giving birth is still a “shock to the system,” according to the Princess.


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After hearing about their “eventful” births, she remarked to new mothers, “No matter how much everyone tells you what you expect, it’s a shock to the system, isn’t it?

“You have this preconceived notion of what will occur, but every birth is unique.”

Amy Stubbs, the hospital’s deputy director of midwifery, said Kate had opened up about the pressure she felt when deciding on a name for her three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, after the royal’s outing, which ran over by thirty minutes.


The Princess of Wales meeting Andrew and Jessica Kemp and baby Hugo
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According to Amy, who spoke with People, “She just really talked about her own children, including how they chose their names.” “Many of the new parents are debating what names to give their children, and they spoke with her about how Kate and William made their decision.

She mentioned that they were their favorite names and that everyone was obviously waiting for them to name their children, which made me feel under a lot of pressure.”, she continued, laughing.

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