Princess Kate reveals the difficult task Prince George is trying to master

According to his mother, Princess Kate, Prince George is adjusting to his new school after starting it earlier this month.

At the beginning of September, the nine-year-old and his siblings, Princess Charlotte, seven, and Prince Louis, four, formally enrolled at Lambrook school.

George and Charlotte have joined year five and year three, respectively, and Prince Louis is now enrolled in the pre-reception prep’s class.


Prince George is having to learn how to do his own tie


While Kate has previously stated that the group has “settled in nicely” and “has new friends,” George is still adjusting to one aspect of school life.

The Princess praised the students’ sharp uniforms while speaking to a group of schoolchildren during her unexpected trip to Wales this week with Prince William.

One of the boys was wearing a tie, so she noticed him and asked, “Do you tie your own tie?” The young boy replied that he did.

“Well done,” Kate congratulated, “I’ve been teaching George because he now needs to wear a tie to school, so I’m teaching him how to do it.


The siblings pictured on their first day at Lambrook


However, congrats on a job well done with the tie. I’m glad to have you.

Boys and girls between the ages of three and thirteen may enroll in Lambrook, a private school in the Berkshire region that has received an excellent rating from Ofsted.

Until he enters year three, when the costs increase, Prince Louis’ fee will remain at £4,389 per term, for a total of £13,167 over the course of the three terms.


Headmaster Jonathan Perry greets the young royals


Princess Charlotte’s parents will pay £19,344 for her education each year because Years 3 and 4 are considered “lower school” and cost £6,448 per term.

The cost of attending school for students in grades five through eight is £6,999 per term, making Prince George the Cambridges’ most expensive student at £20,997 per year.

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