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Prince Harry enjoys secret outing to Irish pub – check out his order

Prince Harry has been in the Netherlands for the past few days, watching the 2022 Invictus Games.

And, ahead of the final day of events, the Duke of Sussex joined a group of friends at O’Casey’s, an Irish pub, for a pint of Guinness. The royal, on the other hand, made sure to limit himself to just one alcoholic beverage, instead opting for lemonade for the remainder of the evening. This appears to be the Duke’s norm, as pub owner John Gulay reported that the royal told him, “One pint, that’s it.” I’ll limit myself to one pint before switching to lemonade.”


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Harry was even offered a round of tequila shots, according to ohn, but he declined and said they should be given to other bar patrons.

The Duke reportedly spent an hour and a half in the pub before leaving for dinner at a different location. Even though the royal offered to pay, John decided not to charge Harry.

After his night out, Harry reunited with King Willem-Alexander to watch Team USA win the gold medal in wheelchair basketball.

Harry announced on the final day of the Games that the 2025 edition will be held in Vancouver and Whistler, both in Canada.

Meanwhile, the 2023 Olympic Games will be held in Düsseldorf, Germany.


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During their visit to the Netherlands, Harry and Meghan Markle met with a number of members of the Canadian team, including Joanne Bradley, a retired Warrant Officer from the Canadian Armed Forces.

“Prince Harry came across as very genuine,” Jo said of her meeting with Harry and Meghan to HELLO! Canada. It’s his Games, and he’s here to support the athletes. ‘Enjoy every minute,’ he advised.

“Then Meghan arrived, and she noticed the medal around my neck and inquired as to what it was for. She just embraced me with a huge hug! She was dressed beautifully in a cream-colored gown and couldn’t care less – she came in for the stenchiest and sweatiest hug imaginable! It was incredible.”


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Jo has multiple sclerosis, but she competed in track, swimming, and wheelchair basketball in The Hague this year despite her illness.

In addition to retired Sergeant Chris Zizek, Harry and Meghan met with Royal Air Force Captain Mike Burt, who is also a member of the Canadian team.

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