The monarchy and the media: A relationship under examination

The monarchy and the media:  We’re halfway through a two-part documentary series about the Palaces’ relationship with the press.

In fact, as the title suggests, the program examines the media’s relationship with two royals in particular: William and Harry.

One is destined to be King and continues to work with the British media.

The other has left the UK, as well as his position in the Royal Family, and refuses to speak to any British tabloids.

After the Duchess of Sussex joined ‘The Firm,’ we saw allegations of palace briefings, claims that the various households compete for airtime and newspaper column inches, and suggestions that royal aides began leaking details of the discord behind palace walls.

The most shocking revelations, in my opinion, came from a former private investigator about the scope of his snooping on Prince Harry’s girlfriends.
Gavin Burrow’s admission that he used to try to find out if they’d been treated for sexual diseases or had an abortion made me look at my TV screen in disbelief.

It’s no surprise that Chelsy Davey and Cressida Bonas decided they didn’t want to be bothered like this for the rest of their lives.

It’s no surprise, then, that Prince Harry was so protective of Meghan when the couple’s relationship was first revealed in 2016.

Harry has a deep aversion to the press, and with good reason.

He’s previously spoken about watching his mother be harassed by paparazzi as a child, how she’d cry in the car, and how he felt helpless.

It’s a sense of helplessness that he’s never shaken, and it’s easy to see why he decided to leave the Royal Family in 2020.

The central allegation in this program was that Prince William cooperates with the British press in exchange for favorable coverage, whereas Prince Harry refused.

From royals and politicians to celebrities and movie stars, everyone in the public eye has an unwritten agreement with the media.

Politicians require coverage for election purposes, movie stars require it for sales, and reality TV stars require it for future bookings.

So, why do the Royals require media attention?

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