Meghan Markle’s touching secret phone call revealed

During a phone call with the women who founded the Hubb Community Kitchen,Meghan Markle praised their “incredible” achievements.

The Hubb Community Kitchen was founded in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire in June 2017, which claimed 72 lives.

Meghan spoke to the women as they gathered for a celebratory lunch at the Al-Manaar centre in north Kensington on Wednesday, dialing in from her Montecito home.

Hubb Kitchen, Lunch, London

Since the tragedy, the Duchess has made several visits to the kitchen, and in 2018, she contributed a foreword to the Hubb’s Together cookbook, which helped raise funds for its renovation.

Meghan told the women during the call: “If you go back to the beginning, you simply didn’t have a place to cook, and many people forget that’s exactly what it came down to: a lack of resources to do what you do so well – as we all know because we can taste it. But also to do it together, and how… the cookbook had the impact we wanted because it raised enough money to get you all the kitchen help you needed.”

She continued, ” “But beyond that, what you’ve accomplished as a group and individually is remarkable; you’ve simply continued to look after everyone in the community. When you consider how many people have been touched by your recipes and your love, as well as what you’ve done to care for frontline workers and families during Covid, as well as children and after-school groups, women in hospitals, and new mothers…”

Chérine Mallah, one of the Hubb volunteers, told the Evening Standard: “It was wonderful to have Meghan recognize our efforts. We were overjoyed to receive a letter from the Duchess. It was truly amazing. It motivates us to keep doing what we’ve been doing and makes us proud of the work we’ve done and the projects we’ve been working on.”

The announcement comes after the Duchess teamed up with Brightly to read her children’s book, The Bench, as part of their initiative to help parents raise enthusiastic readers.

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