Why Prince Harry Wears Gray Suits so Much Since Meeting Meghan Markle

Royal fans have long been fascinated by the outfits worn by the princesses and duchesses of Queen Elizabeth II’s family when they are out and about or attending events. However, in recent years, there has been a lot of attention paid to what Prince Harry has been wearing, as fans have noticed a pattern.

Gray suits have been seen on the Duke of Sussex more than ever before. Here’s what a royal expert has to say about Harry’s favourite colour, which may have something to do with his wife Meghan.

The many times Prince Harry has donned gray suits since he started dating Meghan

Some people noticed that Harry was starting to wear grey a lot more in 2018 and 2019. He wore a grey suit nine times after he and Meghan married, including on their first trip together to Sussex County, for his son Archie’s official portrait days after his birth, and on the couple’s royal visits to Morocco and Fiji.

Archie made his public debut in March 2021, wearing the same dove grey suit that Harry wore for his interview with Oprah Winfrey. Harry chose a navy tie to wear when introducing their child to the world at St George’s Hall in Windsor. During his primetime special with Oprah, however, he opted for a J.Crew Italian wool suit over a crisp white-collared shirt with the top buttons undone.

The reason the Duke of Sussex wears the color so much

Some have wondered if there’s a reason why the prince has been wearing so much grey in recent years. Royal commentator and editor Richard Eden believes it’s because of something Meghan told him.

“Ever since Harry met Meghan, he’s been wearing the same grey suit. “I believe she told him, ‘You look good in grey,’ and he’s always worn it,” Eden explained (per Express).

Of course, it’s also possible that Harry has simply grown to appreciate the color’s appearance on him. In any case, he didn’t wear grey to a recent event and instead chose a navy suit for a special occasion.

Harry sported navy for an event in London

Despite his preference for grey suits, the Duke of Sussex wore navy for an event in London, and he had a specific reason for doing so.

Harry and his brother Prince William wore dark blue suits to the unveiling of a statue for their mother, Princess Diana, in Kensington Palace’s Sunken Garden in July 2021. Eden revealed that the princes chose that colour because it was their mother’s favourite.

Eden explained, “That was Diana’s favourite suit for a man, it was navy.” “If you look at Prince Charles at her funeral, you’ll notice that he didn’t wear black; instead, he wore a navy suit, which Diana preferred. “There was a lot of meaning in that.”

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  1. I’m happy to hear that he had a chance to see his grandmother again and she had a chance to meet Sophia. It’s nice to know that Meghan misses “both” of “her” children but only one is really her child, Archie. That baby girl, Sophia is not…she just was the vessel that carried her. Sophia is my biological daughter, and is was one of at least 6 children who were stolen from me.

    Harry looks good in anything he wears.

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