How Kate Middleton’s Become Part of Queen Elizabeth II’s Inner Circle

Queen Elizabeth II has confidence in Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge’s relationship with the queen has taken years to reach this point. And it’s all because of the 39-year-attitude old’s toward her official duties and the British royal family, according to a royal commentator.

In 2019, Queen Elizabeth II showed her confidence in Kate Middleton.

According to Joe Little, managing editor of Majesty Magazine, the queen publicly demonstrated her trust in Catherine in 2019. The Queen bestowed upon the Duchess of Cambridge the title of “royal family order,” which carries significant weight.

The honour is “only given to female members of the royal family who have been around for quite some time and are deemed to be of great support to the queen,” Little told UsWeekly in October 2021.

Catherine was given the honour ten years after her royal wedding to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, solidifying her place in the queen’s inner circle.

“The queen has great faith in Kate,” Little added, especially given what has happened in recent years “in terms of the fallouts.”

Kate Middleton is a member of the royal family who works well with others.

So, how did Catherine win the queen’s favour? How did she transition from William’s girlfriend, fiancée, and wife to a trusted member of the queen’s inner circle? According to Little, it all started with the Duchess of Cambridge being a “team player.”

The Duchess of Cambridge spent her first years as a member of the royal family adjusting to her new position. And she did it as William’s wife, not as the Duchess of Cambridge.

Kate was “very gradual,” according to Little. “She appeared on occasion, but it was really [as] William’s wife rather than a working member of the royal family for the first few years.”

In the royal family, Kate Middleton has carved out her own “niche.”

Catherine has taken on more responsibilities and projects over the years. But not just any of them. Whether it’s early childhood development or photography, the causes she supports reflect her passions. According to Little, this has resulted in the Duchess of Cambridge developing her own “niche.”

He said, “Kate has found her own niche within the royal family.” “And she focuses on things that are important to her so that she feels she can give back to the charity in a meaningful way.”

This is yet another example of Catherine’s ability to gain the queen’s trust.

Kate Middleton, like Queen Elizabeth II, follows tradition.

Royal life is steeped in tradition. Christmas traditions, birthday traditions (chocolate biscuit cake, anyone? ), and other customs are observed by the royal family. The Duchess of Cambridge, according to Little, not only “adheres to tradition,” but she also recognises how “the modern royal family must evolve.” So the mother of three — William and Catherine have three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis — honours the monarchy’s history while also acknowledging that it must evolve.

Meanwhile, Catherine, along with William, the queen, and the rest of the royal family, continues to perform royal duties.

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