15 surprising things you never knew about how the royals pack for tours

Travel restrictions have prevented everyone including the royals family from jet-setting to their dream destinations this year. Travel restrictions have impacted everyone from Duchess Catherine to Meghan Markle and The Queen since the first coronavirus lockdown in March.

We’ve been reminiscing about the planning and preparation that goes into organising a royal tour, including the amount of thought that goes into the royal luggage. Stylists must ensure that the royals’ attire is appropriate for the weather, the formality of the engagement, and, if possible, the host country. The royals’ entourage is in charge of deciding what luggage is brought on board, what is stored in the hold, and which suitcases are delivered to which hotels or residences.

The royal family has mastered the art of a well-organized travel system. Let’s take a look at some of the royals’ most meticulously organised (and color-coded) travel photos over the years…

When it comes to royal luggage, each piece is clearly labelled with the royal’s name, in this case, Prince Charles, as well as the address to which it should be delivered. Blue indicates that it is for the aircraft, green indicates that it is for the hotel, and yellow indicates that it is for a residence, such as the British Ambassador’s residence in the country the royals are visiting.

Travelers with a lot of experience Kate and William have an impressive collection of luxury travel brand Globe-Trotter luggage that is both stylish and functional. Not only do Prince George and Princess Charlotte each have a 21″ trolley case and a 33″ extra deep suitcase from the collection, but they also have two 13″ Mini Utility Cases. When they arrived in Poland in 2017, their nanny, Maria Borrallo, was seen holding one of the cases.

Prince George’s luggage, which was most likely packed by his nanny Maria or mother Kate, is labelled “residence.”

Meghan, before she became a royal, revealed on her blog that there is one item she always brings on board with her: hand sanitizer.

“I’m not a germaphobe, but when I board a plane, I always wipe everything down with some quick hand wipes or a travel sanitizer spray,” Meghan wrote on The Tig. “That includes the little TV, the service tray, and all the buttons around your seat.” “Sure, the person next to you might give you a side eye, but by the end of the flight, you’ll be the one who’s whistling dixie with no sniffles.”

A full-length gown worn by Kate is carefully packed in a dress bag.

It is said that the Queen has an unusual remedy for jet lag: barley sugar. “By eating barley sugar, the queen is essentially using her body’s sugar metabolic pathways to help adjust her body clock,” Nick Knight, a lifestyle medicine specialist, told the Telegraph. On most of her trips, we imagine a pack of the small sweets would have made the cut for her holdall luggage!

Princess Diana’s trunks were meticulously tagged, and her gowns were hung upright in larger boxes.

Duchess Catherine travels with her personal hairstylist, Amanda Cook Tucker, on royal tours to ensure her lustrous mane looks its best at all times. Amanda previously revealed that her travel case contains a whopping 13 brushes and budget essentials, including Elnett’s Supreme Hold Hairspray, in a sneak peek at what she packs to tame Kate’s tresses.

Harry and Meghan arrived in Australia with their trusty backpacks in 2018, just hours after the Duchess of Sussex announced her pregnancy. Meghan clutched a folder, no doubt filled with the tour itinerary, as they were surrounded by their entourage.

Each item is identified by two tags, one bearing the royal’s name and the other bearing the location.

The royals have perfected their system! A closer look at some of the briefcases the Queen brought with her to Virginia in the United States in 2007.

The hotel was clearly marked on Prince Charles’ silver trunk.

Meghan wrote in a ‘travel essentials’ post on her now-defunct website The Tig that it’s crucial to look for a travel case or piece of luggage that “makes you feel like a frequent flier” so you can stay organised and focus on the “vacate part of the vacation.” Pieces from the brand Ebby Rane, as well as the Stow First Class Tech Case in the colour Amber Orange, are among her favourite travel items.


She was photographed disembarking from a plane in Canada in February, carrying a blue Prada travel bag. The environmentally friendly carry-on is made of regenerated nylon and features a detachable shoulder strap, two external pockets, and the OMA/AMO-designed logo, which is available in five different colours to represent the five continents. It costs £1,260 and appears to include everything you’ll need for your vacation.

Whenever the royals travel abroad, they must always bring a black outfit with them in case a member of the family passes away while they are away.

When her father, King George, died in 1952 while she was on tour with Prince Phillip, the Queen learned this the hard way. Once the plane landed in the UK, the monarch had to be greeted with a black outfit so she could walk out in black as a sign of respect and mourning.

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