Did Prince William and Kate Middleton Live Together Before Marriage?

Since their days as college students at St. Andrews University in Scotland, Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge have been a romantic couple. The heir to the British throne and his wife, who may one day become queen, have kept much of their private life private. Prince William and Kate, on the other hand, dated for a long time before marrying in 2011. Did they live together prior to getting married?

How did Prince William and Kate Middleton meet?

During their first semester of college, Prince William first saw the woman who would become his future wife. They became friends and were soon sharing lunch and class notes, according to Vogue. William didn’t start thinking of Kate as anything more than a friend until their second semester. After modeling a see-through dress at a university fashion show in 2002, the shy young woman became a sensation.

A black bandeau top and matching bikini bottoms completed the risque ensemble. A sheer skirt worn as a dress was worn over the outfit. The outfit is said to have cost $40 to make.

Prince William and Kate Middleton began a romance

William and Kate, along with their friends, moved into an off-campus apartment the following year. That’s when they realized they were more than just friends with each other. According to Vogue, even close friends of William and Kate have expressed surprise at their relationship. “I think they were a little surprised it happened at first,” William admits. “Then they realized how nice it was.”

The couple shared a room with a group of other students at the time, so they were not living together exclusively while in a relationship.

The British press was kept in the dark about the couple’s relationship because they agreed to a coverage blackout while William was at university. Following their graduation, the couple was thrust into the limelight by the media.

Prince William and Kate Middleton were the first royal couple to live together before marriage

Kate and William reunited after a brief breakup in 2007. Kate moved to Anglesey, Wales, in 2010 to live with William while he pursued his dream of becoming a Royal Air Force search and rescue pilot.

While there were claims that traditional Anglicans opposed William and Kate cohabiting before marriage, it was the Archbishop of York who defended them. Most couples want to “test the milk before they buy the cow,” he said, according to The Telegraph.

They are the first royal couple to live together prior to getting married.

When did Kate Middleton and Prince William wed?

William proposed to Kate in Kenya in October 2010, using his late mother Princess Diana’s 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire ring.

The couple announced their engagement in November 2010 and married at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011. Their family would eventually grow to include three children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

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