Meghan Markle’s Former Best Friend Says the Future-Duchess Was Devastated When Princess Diana Died and Cried Watching Her Funeral

Many royal fans recall where they were when Prince Harry announced his engagement to American actress Meghan Markle. Meghan admitted in their first interview after the engagement announcement that she knew very little about the prince and his family. The duchess’ claim that she didn’t know much about the royals, according to her former best friend, is completely false.

Ninaki Priddy, Meghan’s former pal, claimed that Harry’s future wife knew a lot about the royals before meeting him and that Princess Diana was her idol.

What Meghan said about now knowing Prince Harry

Meghan told the BBC during their joint interview that as an American, she has no idea how big of a deal Harry and his family are. “When you grow up in the United States, you don’t have the same understanding of the royal family,” she explained. “And so, while I now see that there is a global interest in him, I didn’t know much about him before.”

As a result, the only question the Suits star had for the person who set them up was whether Harry was “nice.”

Many people questioned whether her admission that she knew very little about Britain’s most famous family was true.

Meghan was devastated, according to a former best friend, when her idol Princess Diana died.

Priddy and Meghan have been best friends since they were children, according to the Daily Mail, and Priddy even served as the maid of honour in Meghan’s first wedding to Trevor Engelson. She refuted Meghan’s claim, claiming that Meghan had always been obsessed with the royal family, particularly Harry’s mother, and that Meghan was devastated when Princess Diana died.
Priddy recalled, “She was always fascinated by the royal family.” “She aspires to be Princess Diana 2.0,” says the narrator. She had one of Princess Diana’s books on her bookshelf, and she told me she wanted to go to London for at least a month even when she was with Trevor… When I heard about Prince Harry, I wasn’t shocked or even surprised. I knew she liked the Princess Diaries movies about a commoner who becomes a member of the royal family. She was enamoured with the concept.”

Diana’s biographer Andrew Morton revealed in his book Meghan: A Hollywood Princess that Harry’s future bride cried as she watched the Princess of Wales’ funeral in 1997. “Tears streamed down their cheeks” when cameras zoomed in on an envelope with the word ‘Mummy’ written on it, which was placed next to the coffin, Morton wrote (per The Mirror). Prince Harry, who was 12 years old at the time, was the author of that note.

Meghan and her friends used to watch old videos of Prince Charles and Diana’s wedding day, and she quickly became fascinated by the princess, according to another section of Morton’s book. “She was intrigued by Diana, not just for her style, but for her independent humanitarian mission, seeing her as a role model,” the author said, citing family friends.

The Duchess of Sussex has paid tribute to her mother-in-law on several occasions, and she and Harry named their daughter Lilibet Diana when she was born in June 2021.

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