Prince Harry Is Now Less Popular Than Prince Charles During His Divorce From Princess Diana

Prince Harry used to be one of the most popular royals, but in recent years, his popularity has dwindled.

Harry resigned as a senior royal in 2020 and relocated to the United States. He’s also given interviews to the media and expressed his dissatisfaction with the royal family.

Harry is now less popular than Prince Charles was during his divorce from Princess Diana, according to polls.

For many years, Prince Charles was unpopular with the general public.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Charles and Diana had a tumultuous marriage.

Diana spoke to members of the press in their later years to share her side of the story, which did not paint Charles in a positive light. She accused Charles of neglecting her and revealed information about Camilla Parker Bowles’ affair with Charles. “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded,” she famously said in a 1995 interview with BBC’s Panorama.

Despite Charles’ attempts to tell his side of the story, the public overwhelmingly sympathized with Diana. Charles was unpopular when the couple divorced in 1996. He was accused of being the one who wrecked their marriage and was blamed for her unhappiness.

Charles has worked hard to repair his reputation over the years, but he still has a lower approval rating than the rest of the family. For example, his son, Prince William, is more popular with the public, and some have suggested that when Queen Elizabeth dies, the crown be given to William instead of Charles.

Prince Harry’s popularity has dwindled since the 1990s, when he was more popular than Prince Charles.

The Prince and Princess of Wales attend a welcome ceremony in Toronto at the beginning of their Canadian tour, October 1991. (Photo by Jayne Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images)

In the 1990s, Charles was unpopular in the United Kingdom, and it appears that Harry is even less popular now.

According to Newsweek, the scandal surrounding Charles’ marriage to Diana caused his approval rating in the United Kingdom to plummet by 40 percent. In 1991, it was 82 percent, and in 1996, it was 41 percent.

In a shorter period of time, however, Harry’s approval rating plummeted by half. He received an 81 percent approval rating when he announced his engagement to Meghan, Duchess of Sussex in 2017. It has now dropped to 31%.

The Sussexes are only slightly more well-known than Prince Andrew.

When the Sussexes married in 2018, their wedding was broadcast live to tens of millions of people around the world. They got a lot of positive feedback, and it seemed like a lot of people were excited about the new royal couple.

According to research firm YouGov, both of them are now among the most unpopular royals. As previously stated, Harry’s approval rating is currently at 31%. Meghan’s score is only slightly higher, at 32%.

Only Prince Andrew, who has been heavily criticized for associating with the late Jeffrey Epstein and being accused of having sexual relations with a minor, is more popular than the Sussexes.

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