What Does Queen Elizabeth Smell Like? 1 Star Says ‘Roses’

Queen Elizabeth II has been the monarch of the United Kingdom for the longest time. Queen Elizabeth is still going strong at the advanced age of 95, a woman who has inspired respect and awe throughout her long life. Queen Elizabeth not only manages her daily tasks, but she also works to prepare her son and heir, Prince Charles, to succeed her when she steps down from the throne.

Many celebrities have met Queen Elizabeth over the years, and while few have spoken openly about the experience, one star has revealed that not only is she a fascinating person, but she also smells fantastic.

Queen Elizabeth is the most high-profile member of the royal family

Queen Elizabeth II was born in 1926 and ascended to England’s throne in 1953. In 1947, she married Prince Philip, her lifelong love, and the couple went on to have four children: Prince Charles, Anne, Princess Royal, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward. During Queen Elizabeth’s reign, she has faced numerous challenges, including the high-profile deaths of many close relatives and multiple family divorces.

Queen Elizabeth has received some criticism from royal family fans, primarily from those who believe she is too conservative at times. Even in the face of adversity, the queen has maintained her famous “stiff upper lip,” never speaking out in haste and always working to maintain the royal family’s dignity. Queen Elizabeth is still one of the most respected women in the world, and she is not only the world’s oldest monarch, but also the world’s longest-serving female head of state.

What does Queen Elizabeth smell like?

Queen Elizabeth keeps a strict schedule and is said to prefer to follow a similar routine every day. She is extremely active and continues to work out on a daily basis. She also eats healthy foods and only indulges in sweets in moderation, all of which have contributed to her incredible longevity.

The queen also enjoys taking time to perfect her appearance and is said to have a lovely scent. Queen Elizabeth smells “like roses,” according to music legend Sting, who has met the queen on multiple occasions as a close personal friend of Prince Charles.

The royal family tends to prefer floral perfumes

While Queen Elizabeth hasn’t revealed what perfume she wears on a daily basis, Southern Living reports that the queen chose the classic perfume White Rose by British beauty company Floris for her wedding day and that it is still her favorite scent today. The fragrance contains several prominent notes, the most prominent of which is carnation, one of the queen’s favorite flowers.

Other members of the royal family, such as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, are known to be fragrance connoisseurs. Kate’s favorite scent is Jo Malone Orange Blossom, a light floral that is ideal for Middleton’s numerous royal engagements.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, according to Harper’s Bazaar, enjoys switching between several fragrances, including Jo Malone London’s Wild Bluebell, Oribe, and Bvlgari BLV II. Of course, one fragrance rule that all royals must follow is not to overuse perfume — one or two sprays on pulse points is usually enough for an all-day subtle scent.

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