Prince William and Prince Harry’s Family Members’ Sweet Ways to Help Them Cope After Princess Diana’s Death

When they were 15 and 12 years old, Prince William and Prince Harry witnessed the death of their mother, Princess Diana. This was undoubtedly a difficult period for William and Diana. Fortunately, many members of the princes’ family rallied around them and offered support as they grieved.

Prince William and Prince Harry were allowed to stay at Balmoral by Queen Elizabeth.

William and Harry were in Scotland when Diana died in a car accident in the early hours of August 31, 1997. The princes were staying with Queen Elizabeth at Balmoral Castle.

Her Majesty decided to shield William and Harry from the media after news of the crash spread around the world. She allowed them to remain at Balmoral. She also ordered the removal of all television and radio from Balmoral, according to Popsugar.

“[Balmoral is] also the place where William and Harry found out that Diana had died, and the Queen, people weren’t happy with her choice but she kept William and Harry there in those days after learning that Diana had passed away,” journalist Rachel Bowie said on the podcast Royally Obsessed, as reported by Express. It’s understandable that the Queen chose that location as a place to hibernate.”

Zara Tindall made an effort to create a positive environment for her cousin.

Zara Tindall, William and Harry’s cousin, was another royal who tried to assist them. Zara is Princess Anne’s daughter, and she is a few years older than William and Harry.

According to Express, biographer Brian Hoey stated, “William and Harry are the closest cousins that Zara has within the Royal Family.” “In 1997, they lost their mother at a relatively young age. Zara appeared to be getting closer to them. Shortly after Diana’s death, the Prince of Wales decided that they should all go skiing. Zara tried to cheer them up by throwing snowballs at them and having a snowball fight.”

Tindall was “a huge help” to the princes, according to Hoey, which is why they still have “a huge affection” for her.

Prince Charles took an active role as a parent.

Prince Charles became William and Harry’s sole surviving parent after Diana’s death. At the time, the princes were teenagers, and Charles is said to have done his best to support them, especially since Diana was the more hands-on parent before her death.

“That can be seen in the hugging, laughing, and cuddling she did. According to Marie Claire, royal commentator Lady Julie Montagu said, “It changes completely after her death.” “When he needed to, he really stepped up in that parenting role.”

In the 2017 documentary Diana, 7 Days, Harry acknowledged Charles’ efforts as well.

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“[Our father] was there for us—he was one of two left—and he tried his hardest to protect and care for us,” Harry explained, before adding, “But he was going through the same grieving process as us.”

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