12 royal parents and their mini-me children – see the most striking photos

1.People from the same family have a tendency to look alike, but some of them are more alike than others! The royal genes run deep, and the striking resemblance between these royal parents and their children has made us all take a second look.

When Prince Harry sported a full beard for the first time on Christmas Day in 2013, royal fans couldn’t get over how much he looked like his father, the Prince of Wales. When Charles debuted facial hair at the 1976 Badminton Horse Trials, he surprised the crowd. Like his father, he is like his son!

2.As children, Harry and Charles had a striking resemblance. Take a look at these photos of Charles when he was four years old in 1952 and Harry when he was the same age in 1988 at Trooping the Colour. They even had haircuts that were strikingly similar!

3.Royal fans have also noticed a resemblance between Prince William’s childhood photos and those of his daughter, Princess Charlotte.

In fact, when the Duke of Cambridge visited Bradford in 2020, he mistook a photograph of himself for Charlotte.

William posed the following question to the woman who baked the royal-themed cupcakes: “Is that you, sir? Don’t you think it’s Charlotte?” “It looks so much like Charlotte,” Kate exclaimed, astounded. “Is that you?” William inquired again.

When it was confirmed that the photo was of him and not Charlotte, he said: “Oh, wow, that looks exactly like Charlotte. It’s incredible; I’ve never seen anything like it. In terms of similarity, they are very similar. Well done, you’ve put in a lot of effort. Right now, Mary Berry would be blown away. Incredible.”

4.Princess Anne, the Queen’s only daughter, bears a striking resemblance to her mother. In these photos, the royal mother and daughter are even wearing similar outfits and brooches.

5.Princess Beatrice has clearly inherited her mother Sarah, Duchess of York’s red locks.

6.When Prince George wore a red and white outfit by children’s designer Rachel Riley that was nearly identical to the one that dad William wore to meet baby brother Harry in 1984, we all did a double take.

7.King Felipe and Princess Leonor of Spain are another father-daughter pair who have a lot in common. The 15-year-old princess is the heir to the Spanish throne, and she will be the country’s first Queen regnant since Isabella II, who reigned from 1833 to 1868.

8.Lady Sarah Chatto is the pride and joy of her late mother, Princess Margaret. With her ex-husband Antony Armstrong-Jones, whom she divorced in 1978, the Queen’s younger sister had two children. Princess Margaret died in February 2002, and Antony, the photographer, died in 2017.

9.King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands have three daughters, but it’s the monarch’s youngest daughter, Princess Ariane, 14, who shares the most likeness to her father.

10.In these photos, Prince William and his late mother, Princess Diana, bear an uncanny resemblance! In 2001, the future king is photographed on his first day of university, while Diana is photographed at the age of 25 on a royal tour in 1986.

11.In these sweet side-by-side photos, nine-year-old Princess Estelle resembles her mother, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.

12.Prince Gabriel, then two years old, has his mother Princess Sofia’s blue eyes despite his blonde hair. In March 2021, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia of Sweden welcomed their third son, Prince Julian.

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