Queen health fears: Monarch in Covid scare as ‘staff member tests positive for virus’

Following a positive coronavirus PCR test, an employee at the Queen’s Scottish retreat was sent home on Saturday. According to a Palace source, the Queen saw her trip to Balmoral as an opportunity to “get back to normal” after Prince Philip’s death.

“All the staff at Balmoral are tested for Covid on a daily basis, and this person showed up as positive on Saturday,” a Palace source told The Sun.

“They were sent home, and the canteen and bar for the staff were closed.

“On the estate, they’re on a different block.”

“Workers have been told to wear masks and maintain a social distance, but the royals themselves have largely remained unaffected.”

“Courtiers floated the idea of staff putting the royal family’s meals on a buffet table with the royals helping themselves,” the Palace source added.

“However, the Queen has decided that servants will continue to serve food.

“The family will also continue to go stag hunting and have picnics on the estate.”

“Despite the fact that Her Majesty is 95 and has been double-jabbed, the feeling is that she still needs to be cautious, but she is determined to go about her business as usual.

“She doesn’t want to make a mistake.”

The Balmoral estate in Scotland (Image: GETTY)

The Queen did not attend the Balmoral church service on Sunday.

According to palace sources, she was awaiting the results of her PCR test.

The Queen is visiting Balmoral for the first time since Prince Philip died in April.

She was “tired and grieving,” according to royal sources, and “could not wait” to get away.

The Queen will stay at Balmoral in August and September.

Several members of her family, including Prince William and Kate and their children, are expected to pay her a visit.

Prince Charles and Camilla will also spend some time at his estate, Birkhall, during the summer.

The Queen Mother used to live at Birkhall.

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