Royal family’s website shares update on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s daughter Lilibet

When Prince Harry and Meghan left the royal family, it was clear that Harry and Archie would keep their places in the line of succession—sixth and seventh, respectively—despite their departure. Lilibet became eighth in line to the throne when she was born on June 4, and the royal family’s official website has been updated to reflect this.

Lilibet was added to the royal family’s website in a section that explains the line of succession rules and lists the first 23 in line. Harry and Meghan’s seven-week-old daughter took her place after big brother Archie, who saw her great uncle Prince Andrew drop to ninth place. Despite the fact that they appear to be near the top of the food chain right now, Harry, Archie, and Lilibet’s positions are expected to plummet as George, Charlotte, and Louis have their own children and grandchildren.

The line of succession was established hundreds of years ago, but in 2013, a significant change was made that gave females equal rights to the throne as males. As a result, Prince Louis did not overtake his older sister Princess Charlotte in the line of succession when he was born in 2018. Princess Anne and her children, on the other hand, remain below her younger brothers, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, and their children, as a result of the change. Despite her age, Edward’s daughter, Lady Louise, is ranked below her older brother James, Viscount Severn.

Lilibet is the first royal to be born in the United States at such a high position in the line of succession. Lilibet Diana was given to her in honor of her great grandmother and grandmother.

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  1. Gaia Salustra Delemuria

    Great changes in rules of royalty succession!The children if Princess Anne will also be adjusted accordingly!?♥

  2. Darlita LaRie Stephens

    Ok. Great news. While I fully respect Harry, the British Monarchy, and his heritage of being a member of the Royal family, that’s not the reason I’m interested in him nor is our daughter’s place in the line of succession of great importance to me. I’m interested in Harry because I like the way he thinks, I understand him, and I think that he’s very handsome. If these feelings weren’t present, I would have been open to being friends with him, but I wouldn’t have been interested in a romantic way. I’m actually relieved that being monarch is not Harry’s destiny. He has much more freedom and won’t have such a weight on his shoulders…neither would any of his children, especially Sophia.

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