What Color Are Prince George’s Eyes?

On July 22, 2013, Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge welcomed their first child, Prince George. Since then, fans have been treated to a slew of adorable moments courtesy of the Cambridge baby, from his first royal tour at the age of nine months to meeting a former US President to his first day of school. With each passing year, we gain a better understanding of the future king.

Many royal fans are unaware of a few facts about Prince George, such as his eye colour and the title he will be given once his father is crowned king.

Does Prince George have the same eye color as his mom or dad?

When it comes to eye colour, Prince Willliam, like Princess Diana and Prince Charles, has blue eyes. Kate also has green eyes that can appear lighter or darker depending on the shade of green she is wearing. George, on the other hand, lacks both.

The eldest son of the duke and duchess has dark brown eyes, which he most likely inherited from his mother’s side of the family because her parents have brown eyes and many of George’s relatives on his father’s side have blue eyes.

Other facts about Prince George

Another fact about Prince George that you may not know is that he was a style icon as a toddler. Hello! George was named to GQ’s list of the 50 Best Dressed Men in Britain when he was just two years old. He was also named one of Tatler’s best-dressed people, and many of the outfits he wore in public quickly sold out in stores and on the internet.

Other interesting facts about the heir to the throne include the fact that he has loved thunderstorms since he was a baby and that the only thing he enjoys more than storms is dancing. At the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards, Prince William said, “George is doing dancing, and he loves it.” He went on to say that his mother, Princess Diana, enjoyed the same hobby. “My mother loved to dance and used to do it all the time. And if it’s something you enjoy, you should do it. Don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise.”

Cooking with his mother is another of George’s hobbies. The duchess has taught her children how to make pizza and cheesy pasta, among other dishes. “She was telling us how much her children love cooking and how they cook for her,” Matthew Kleiner-Mann, chief executive of the Ivy Learning Trust, said of a conversation he had with the little prince’s mother. They recently made cheesy pasta. One stirs the flour, while the other adds the milk and butter.”

What will his title be when Prince William is king?

Prince William and Prince George photographed during a visit to the Royal International Air Tattoo | Chris Jackson/Getty Images
Prince William and Prince George photographed during a visit to the Royal International Air Tattoo | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Many royal fans have inquired about George’s titles over the years. So, depending on who is on the throne and when, they will change over time. His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge is the young prince’s full title these days. When William takes the throne, George is expected to be given the title of Prince of Wales. Of course, his grandfather, Prince Charles, currently holds the title, which will pass to Prince William when he becomes the heir apparent.

When it comes to dukedoms, George could inherit the Duke of Cornwall title from William when he becomes king, as it belongs to the male heir to the British throne, along with the Prince of Wales. He will be given another dukedom if he marries before Prince William takes the throne. The Duke of Cambridge, which his father currently holds, is one dukedom we know George will never inherit because the title will eventually merge with the crown.

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